FEBuilder supports question

Is there a patch in FEBuilder for any 3 of the GBA games that lets supports build based on being deployed together as opposed to being next to eachother? Also is there one that removes the limit on the number of supports (so i can have all the B supports and 1 A).

Ive played games that have this in them but i was curious if thats an easy thing to patch in

I imagine you’d do this with Gain Support at Various Ranges → set to Whole Map. Found in FE8 at least.

Edit: as for the latter question, there’s Change support conversation to 5 people patch by Aera, which, if I understand correctly, allows you to gain B support with 4 other people and A with one. There’s also Modify Maximum Number of Supports patch, but I’m not sure how that works in practice.

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Thank you! That should work. Im away for the holiday but ill check out your suggestions