[FEbuilder] Problem with importing a custom portrait

  • Hacking method: FEbuilder

  • Base Game: FE8

I was making a rom hack and i tried making a custom portrait for Lewyn, since i’m not a pro for making blinking frames and talking frames i just leaved it with part of the portrait, when i imported the portrait glitched when executing bliking frames even if i adjust it. (i cant send screenshots yet)
Can someone help me or tell me what to do ?

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I think it is because it has more than 16 colors or because the image is too big

I don’t think it’s because of the 16 colors limit, maybe it’s because it’s to big.
If it is indeed to big, what can I do ?

make sure it fits into this

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If you mean the eyes are in the wrong location during blinking, it’s because the blinking frames don’t line up with the grid. They MUST line up with the small 8-pixel squares in the image Gonzalo posted above. For instance


this is valid but


this is not.


For example, here’s how Limstella’s frames line up.



I’ve encouter the same problem with another portrait, i’ve tried readjusting it so the frames can fits in the 8-pixel square than Gonzalo posted.
Is the problem is with the colors limit or something else ?
If it can help the portrait is Dimitri from Melia.

If it imports without issue then it’s not the colours and even if you got febuilder to crunch the colours to fit the limit it shouldn’t mis-align the eyes.

Impossible to say exactly what’s the issue without seeing it though.

I’ve tried sending the portrait but there is an error message that say i “can’t embed media items in a post”

If that’s the case, you probably didn’t set the frame alignment X/Y in FEBuilder correctly.

I’m sorry if i’m still not understanding what to do, it looks good in the menu but it’s not so once in the game.
And i’m pretty sure it fits in this :
Here is the portrait if it can help :
Lewyn (Gen 1)

Just install Exceed The Portrait Hackbox on 4 tiles in the patches section

“Exceed the portrait hackbox” is the name of the patch ?

if it is the name of the patch

Does it have any other effect that could be negative ?
Also thanks for the patch.