FEBuilder, If Chararcter is dead

I have a problem with Fire Emblem 7, I want to make a hackroom for a friend and it consists of recruiting the bosses of each chapter (of course, it’s something personal) but when I want to load the units of chapter 1 I need to put the units according to them, that is, with conditions.

I don’t understand the condition of “If character is dead, set flag”, can anyone help me with it?

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The condition “If character is dead, set flag” checks if the given character is dead and then sets on the especified flag, then it executes the code below. If the character is alive, it skips the code and jumps to the Conditional ID.

For example, here it checks if Raven is dead, if he is, then the flag 0x66 will be on and will execute the next lines of code. If Raven is alive, the flag 0x66 will remain off and it will skip the code until the Label 0x1

This is mainly used at the end of chapters to check if some characters are dead, run special events, and set their dead flags on.

Another simple method to keep track of dead characters is using the Dead Quotes.
In the Dead Quote editor you set the Completion Flag with a global flag (0x66 onwards), then you just check for the given flag to load the characters accordingly.


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