[FEBuilder] Corrupted ASM?

I’ve been developing a short hack in FE8, however while finishing the first chapter, an engine error popped up in the main menu which when clicked, I am unsure it’s meaning or how to fix it. From the looks of it, nothing so far in the hack has been affected due to the error.

"An invalid instruction exists before the ASM function pointer “0x08b2FC01” ASM may be corrupted.

When clicking on the error, this is what it sends me to:

Process B2FCC8:
Sleep for given duration WAIT FRAME [1 frame sec] (Sets callback to Sleep Callback)

Call Routine ASM [0X8B2FC01 BAN_DelayDigits@Skill.SkillSystems 20220703] (Argument: r0=Struct Ptr)

End (Deletes Self)

Lastly, when clicking on the Call Routine ASM, nothing is displayed, as if it were blank.

What does this mean? Could someone help me fix this issue?

Side note: I have tried posting images but the site won’t let me post the upload link.

You should be able to post images now.

It’d be helpful if you could send a patch or report.7z so people can look at your hack.

Note: thank you for letting me post images.

Update: I found the issue was due to me uninstalling a patch by accident and reinstalling it, causing the code to be corrupted, so I had to rebuild the rom from scratch, which wasn’t a huge problem since I was only at the beginning, thank you anyway, though!