FEBuilder Assistance Needed! (Events)

Hello there!

I am trying to create an FE8 GBA hack. I want to make this first draft simple. Each map would have no events taking place as well as no cutscenes. Is there a way to remove events and cutscenes from the game?

If so, could someone please break the process down for a beginner? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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In simple terms, you can simply start events from scratch by selecting an event, editing it, and stripping it to its most basic parts using the holy “delete” button so you can add your stuff in its stead. Alternatively, you can simply delete events entirely., but this is not recommended for beginning and end events. Like most stuff in FEBuilder, you can get what you need done by tinkering with its functionalities in a safe manner.

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@thermalsword Whats up dude. I’m making a FE Builder Tutorial Series on the latest build. I just release my unit placer episode and my text insertion episode has what ur looking for. Advanced Eventing is coming up after Music Insertion. I go over removing cutscenes in Episode 1 also. The World Map and Intro cutscene into the game also

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Please send me a mention. I don’t notice.

Probably because you have exceeded the maximum number of sprites.
I think you have overloaded a lot of diverse data.

If you don’t understand, let’s go back to the place where understand.
This problem does not occur if no enemies are loaded.

First, I will explain in order.

First, erase it until the code is minimal.
To make things easier to understand, we’ll erase all of the event’s rendition, leaving only the minimum amount of data.
These are the minimal events that make up this chapter.


There is a problem even in a minimal situation.
Then erase the data.
Let’s erase the enemy this time.
Chapters can be activated even if there are no enemies.


You can see that the problem does not occur if there are no enemies.

Now, use Ctrl + Z Undo to revive your enemies.
Who’s wrong?

Apparently, I think that if the data of the enemy is deleted to this extent, no problem will occur.
The eliminated enemy is 0x59 Elder Bael.

Let’s summarize the problem from the facts we observe.
If erase a specific enemy, the problem no longer occurs.
And as you have said, this problem only occurs on the first turn.
Why only on the first turn?
That’s because by the second turn, there are fewer enemies.

Therefore, the conclusion we can draw is: “Isn’t there too many sprites?” This means that.
There are too many different types of enemies and allies to display on the screen.

The GBA is an old game console, so it has these kinds of limitations.

However, if you cut down on the types of allies, the player is going to get mad at you.
Therefore, limit the enemy types.
In this stage, both Bael and Elder Bael are present.
You can use only one of them.
If you really want to get both of them out,
I think the other can be made to appear later with reinforcements.


Thank you so much for this input! Much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Noted! I’ll check it out! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Noted! Thank you for your input! Much appreciated! :grin:


Is that palette public/F2U?