FEBuilder Adjust Camera Movement

Is there any way to make the camera follow a moving unit in the opening chapter event in FEBuilder? Right now the main character is off screen.14.emulator

Have you set the option at the start of the event with (Make camera follow moving units?)
If this helps be sure when your done with the camera follow, use,
(Make camera stop following)

Also don’t use the follow moving units option when enemies are going far from each other,
because the camera will try to follow all of them and it breaks the map tiles.
Be wary about that.

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Ah, I see. Is there any way to have the camera focus on a certain part of the map during an event? So units can run “off-screen”.

Use this option.

( Move camera to X[Number] Y[Number] (CAM1) )

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As a follow up, If your wanting to use (Make camera follow moving units)
and enemies are going to move to a location as a group, then it’s safe to use that option
because the units are within the camera rang of sight, as long as the units don’t
move too far from each other, it won’t break.
Another note to prevent the camera from breaking during a follow unit moment
have the spare units that plan to go a little ways away from the group,
have them stop at their destination, the camera will continue to follow the main group
while the other units are stopping at their placements.

Thanks a lot! I’ll see if I can get this working.