[FE8U] Three Houses Style Level Up Status growth(now fitting to Str/Mag Split)

Three-Houses-Style (or NS/3DS style) growth mode:

Unit get Status increase randomly during leveling up. Whereas the status growth of each character at each level can no longer be changed by consuming random numbers in chapter. Player can only fix it by restart chapter.


I created a space in ram, dedicated to archive storage of a certain number of RN ( Starts from 0x2028820 and the length reaches 0x100),this space will init at start of E_MAPMAIN, and will be loaded/saved by Suspend.

It was based on “ModLu”(Modular Level Up) from SkillLite by genius StanHHHHHHH (credit!!!).I did some work on this patch to make it relatively easy to adapt to str/mag-split or skillsystem, see readme.

Download Here!

Str/Mag Split fitted version as example:

Download Here!



That’s awesome, nice job.

So if I create a savestate before Eirika levels up, even if I waste rng by arrow wiggling or even if Seth levels up first, Eirika will always get the same level up? (Unless I restart the chapter.)

Once chapter begins, each level of each character will correspond to a unique and fixed set of random numbers for growth determination.
When Eirika is upgraded to levels 2, 3, 4… the corresponding random numbers will not change due to the different upgrade orders of different characters.