[FE8U] Fourth Allegiance

It’s been a while. I mentioned back there that it’d be nice to have some event commands for the Fourth Allegiance, and I just made CUSF as an ASMC. For more information it’s at the end of this post:

Also, in the post before that, you could use a combination of my SetUnitStatusByCommander and ClearZombies to do what CLEF would’ve done. And with a small edit of my CountRangeState (or any other similar) patch you could have CHECK_FOURTH.


Making a new post because I think it’s worth it. The past few days I’ve been working on making the Fourth Allegiance compatible with the skill system. Thanks to Contro, Vesly and Eebit, it’s gotten to the point where, at a glance, all compatibility issues have been fixed.


So, hoping to make sure there are no bugs with functionality, I’m going to post both a patch and the buildfile to enable more people to test if they’d like to help. There is still a graphical glitch in the minimap, since fourth allegiance units will use a bugged icon.

This patch is simply the skill system master + fourth allegiance buildfile applied along with some changes to unit allegiances and chapter allegiance affiliations. You can open it with FEBuilder to make further edits to test, though keep in mind that since this is more recent than FEBuilder’s skill system, there may be some incompatibilities with patches and mismatched skill descriptions. You can have up to 10 units of the fourth allegiance in a map, which was possible by reducing the amount of blue units the player can have simultaneously to 51.

This is the buildfile used to, well, build the above patch minus the edits to units and chapter data. To use this, put a clean FE8U ROM named FE8_clean.gba on the main folder, double-click MAKE_HACK_full.cmd, and it will create another ROM and patch with the skill system + fourth allegiance applied. If you want to make/test any edits to the code, editing these files is the ideal way to do it before building. I’ll figure out github at a later date to make a repository.

And that’s that, have fun testing! Feedback will let us know what else needs fixing (if anything), hopefully we’re not too far off from merging this into the main skill system buildfile, but regardless this is where it begins.

EDIT: Thanks to Eebit, the previously mentioned graphical bugs have been fixed:

Fixed bugs

-During AI phases, fourth allegiance units after the 5th graphically disappear but they’re still there, can be targetted and will act on their phase
-Fourth allegiance units don’t display boss/status icons and their “rescued” icon uses a glitchy palette

However another issue was noticed, due to the Pass skill, units could move through each other based on vanilla specifications rather than the fourth allegiance. I wasn’t able to entirely figure out why, so for the time being, this version also disables Pass to restore fourth allegiance functionality. The links above have been updated.