[FE8U] Escape from the Mangs Dungeon - Completed

[MOD EDIT: patch removed]

Hack made for Mangs’s 50k subscriber special, in which the participants (Ghast, Markyjoe, MageKnight404, Lucky Crit, Mekkah and Mina Tangerina) each controlled a character as they tried to escape the dungeon.

Map initially created by me, received later edits. Members of Ft. Mangs Emblem and PME teams worked on this hack: Thel, Djura, Flame, UselessNinja, Zorua, FEier, Kirb.

External assets:
Markyjoe portrait by Glaceo
Lucky Crit portrait by Lenh

Apologies if I forgot to credit someone, I worked exclusively on the map and playtesting, so I’m probably the worst person from the team to ask about where the assets came from. The fact that this is a hack from over a year ago and that I couldn’t find a detailed credits list further complicated it, but I guarantee permission was received for all of them to be used back then. In any case, I’ll try asking around some more, but if I forgot someone, please let me know so I can add them.



Oof, this did not age well


i’m locking this for several reasons, but primarily because i’m regretting not having a no-necro rule