FE8 Wizardry

Hey all. So I’m planning an FE8 project and I decided to showcase some new features I’ll looking to incorporate.

Here I have a STR/MAG split, and skill system in the works. Just wanted to show off what I’m working on to get some feedback/suggestions.



Will you be creating a new story and characters?

Yup, just showing off new features for right now.

So maybe you are the only one who can use this here.

Actually Gabrielknight made me a shitton of icons so Brendor is using those.

Note that these are not currently free to use but WILL be free to use when my own project is released.

I have my own icons, but thanks for the tip

Oh yeah, and the other thing Brendor made.

Credit where credit is due, the idea was based on Pi’s system in FEIV. The colors are a bit different though.

The actual percentage thresholds for the colors are:

0-15% grey
16-30% white
31-70% yellow
71-99% blue
100%+ green

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It is a cool idea because we needn’t sell a guidebook like Nintendo does.