[FE8] WIP - Fire Emblem: Twin Scales


Fire Emblem: Twin Scales is a planned hack using FeBuilderGBA as its base. (The title and title screen are still pending.) So far, I am the only person working on this hack. I have been focusing on the art and the writing and have only just started exploring the engine. Any help with the engine and programming the game would be appreciated. You will find more text and visuals below.

The story takes place on the fictional continent of [insert_continent_name], where there are three neighbouring kingdoms. Our protagonist Glaish is a knight and vassal of [insert_house_name]. While he is out hunting with [red_cavalier] and [green_cavalier], [jeigan] informs him that they are under attack. Glaish must come to the rescue and rally people to the cause of defending the kingdom. The player will discover the cause for this war, as they advance in the game.

This is a standard FE8 hack, that uses Fire Emblem lore to tell the story. The theme is high fantasy featuring a narrative based on feudalism. The first two kingdoms are based on Great Britain and the third kingdom is based on France. The story features magic, legendary items, pegasi, wyvern and manaketes. The actual Fire Emblem is also featured as one of the legendary items and plays a unique, but crucial part in the story-line.

The weapon and magic triangle are still in place. Many of the classes are the same, but the class tree is different. Also, most of the classes are given new names, to better suit the theme. There is a planned roster of approximately 70 characters, including the playable characters, non-playable characters and enemy-only characters. The goal is to follow the same general standards as the original Fire Emblem games for the Game Boy Advance.

The general storyline is more-or-less complete, with the beginning, to the climax and finally the conclusion. Up to this point there are no plans for a branching story, only because I am new to the engine software. So far, over 40 portraits have been created, that continue to be re-visited and polished. (I will share some of them below.) I’ve started on the maps and write the story details as I go. I will also post my progress in the creative section of this website.






This looks really cool!

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Hey there! I’m interested in giving ya’ a hand with the hack, seems promising! I could help mainly doing events and implementing Patches, making units, balancing, etc.

If you wish, you can send me a PM here or add me on Discord at mranster.

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Looks good as well i hope you do well in this new project :blush: