[FE8][WIP] Fire Emblem Awakening: De-make

Hey all! This is the project I’m currently working on-a remake/de-make of Fire Emblem Awakening in the Sacred Stones engine!

What’s different:

  • Pair up is not in this game
  • Some skills have been changed, such as Skill +2 being replaced with Defiant Skill
  • Most Enemies have no skills, except for bosses, and late game Lunatic enemies
  • The class system is the same as Sacred Stones: Each unit will be able to promote into two different classes
  • New playable characters
  • Spotpass characters Gangrel (Ch 14), Emmeryn (Pa 18) and Yen’fay (Ch 20) will be playable
  • Characters will have a voice line for when they are selected, and when they level up
  • Characters have up to 7 supports. They can support with 5 of them, but can only reach an A rank with one
  • Chrom can now marry almost every girl in Ch 11, besides paralogue characters, and Lissa
  • Robin cannot be customized, but you can choose their gender
  • The children units have their other parent decided before the map begins, rather than through support rank
  • Re-done Ch24, new boss and enemies
  • World map to reach main story maps, paralogue maps are accessed through what was previously the outrealm gate

Awakening Demake 2Awakening Demake 3
Awakening Demake 6Awakening Demake v5.emulator
Awakening De-make Paralogue hub.emulator.emulatorAnna's


None of this could be possible if it weren’t for the amazing people listed down below!

Portraits (Some edited by me):

Battle Animations:

Class Cards:

Map Sprites:

Status screen background: feels
Item icons: Zelix, Batima

Currently Missing Sprites

As of writing this, there are some characters that just have silhouettes as a placeholder for their portraits, I’m no artist, so currently, they’ll be stuck like this for now. Said Characters are:
Algol (Ch 21 Boss)/Morristan (Pa 11 Boss)
Blue and Red Assassins (Enemy and Player army assassins that appear in cutscenes)
Barbarian (Enemy Barbarians that appear in cutscenes)
Campari (Ch 9 Boss)/Gyral (One of the Pa 13 bosses)
Cassius (Pa 8 Boss)/Nelson (Pa 10 Boss)
Chalard (Ch 8 Boss)/Ardri (Pa 18 Boss)
Dalton (Ch 12 Boss)/Dalen (One of the Pa 13 bosses)
Garrick (Prologue Boss)/Roddick (Pa 1 Boss)/Nombry (Pa 14 Boss)
Gecko (Pa 5 Boss)/Jamil (Pa 6 Boss)/Ezra (Pa 15 Boss)
Green Sage (Appears in cutscenes)
Donnel’s Mom (Appears in cutscenes)
Orton (Ch 5 Boss)/Xalbador (Pa 7 Boss)
Risen Chief (Ch 1, Ch 2, Ch 13, Pa 3, Pa 12, Pa 16, Pa 17 Boss)
Risen Fighter (Appears in cutscenes)

Spoilers for changes to Ch 24

Fell Chrom
Arcane Devourer

If there’s any questions, feedback, suggestions, or if you don’t want your art featured, please don’t hesitate to comment!


This is my first time posting something more advanced on this site, so if anyone has any tips to make the post look better, please do tell, haha


Where I can find the video link before is put here? :eyes:

Cool I will love this project. Btw check the repo. Cause there a spriter that is making FE Awakening Portraits with a really good quality. I think they are F2U so they would make your project even better!!!
Btw I just read it … Robin with lucina?
Then there’s no F Robin ?
I think you can make the game with a F/M robin
There’s a way to make the same character to have a custom name and choosing the gender. And I think that would catch more attention of the public

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Oh, you misread! Robin will be the parent to Lucina, so Robin will be the one to marry Chrom. I haven’t looked too much into the name thing, and maybe selecting Robin’s gender could work, but I think I wanna have it more like the games prior to Fe 12 and 13 with the character creator

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Oh sorry … Yeah I misread it … Well … I would really like to have the custom name, the gender choosing and maybe a way to change the color hair … But I think that just the name and the gender would be enough cause the silver hair is really good.
For the name it is a patch to name the tactician.
For the gender you just need an event to change the class. And the patch to change the portrait according to the class. So you will have a class for the male and another class for the female.
And you can have the children according to the gender.
Whatever good luck
If you need any icon you can DM me for that :3

Canon aside I always felt like ‘Robin’ was the greatest story-wise choice for Lucina’s mother. It adds another layer to Lucina hiding her identity and the wracking guilt she clearly feels throughout the game - she’s gone back in time to kill her mother and not some never-met father killing bastard lol

Edit: forgot to add - merely commenting to keep a tab up on this game- very interested and can’t wait to see where this goes! Good luck!!


I’m flattered.

I think.

@Garytop boutta Carry to the Top this hack. whole hack’s portrait boutta be filled by his awakening mugs lmao


For those following this thread: Screenshots have been added! Some more from later chapters should be added soon!

This is super cool! What chapter are you currently up to?

10 chapters are currently done! (Premonition, Prologue, Ch 1-6, Paralogue 1 and 2)


New screenshots have been added, along with some updated, and new info on the mechanics and changes


Hey all! Sorry for the radio silence, but I can assure you I’ve still been working on this- almost done in-fact! All the main story chapters up to 23, and all of the paralogues have been completed! I’ll try to update the main post sooner rather than later, as it’s pretty outdated, but for now, a poll! I was trying to decide how to handle enemy reinforcements in this, but thought it’d be best to leave the decision to those who might wanna play it!

  • Keep it classic (Ambush reinforcements on Hard and Lunatic)
  • Keep Lunatic the same (Ambush reinforcements on Lunatic only)
  • Please no (No ambush reinforcements at all)
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I just started making my own Awakening demake like a week ago only to discover this lmao. I really should check FEU more often.

Still, this is some solid work, looking forward to the release. If I do play it I probably won’t be playing it with sound on though, because the last time I played a hack with voice lines on character selection it gave me insane sensory overload.

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Major update to the main post! It should be much more accurate now!


When’s this rom coming out? Played Awakening for years during its time along with the other 3ds ones so I’m curious about this one. That Sacred Echoes rom hack from Shadows of Valentia is pretty cool too.

Oh yeah, I’m definitely tagging this one XD Looking forward to it!