[FE8] [WIP] Fire Emblem Arms of Valor 6/24 Chapters Complete

“A river, no matter its strength, always meets the ocean. All roads lead to me, Lueric. No matter what you do, I will always be there…”

Lueric leads a small mercenary group with his childhood friend Esker, Titus, and Barus. Between odd jobs and contracts, he cares for his younger brother Ollie and their ill mother. To get medicine for his dying mother, Lueric indebts himself to the Syndicate, a crime organization. All debts must be paid, thsus, forcing Lueric on a journey that will test his resolve, morality, sanity, and relationships…

Hello! My name is Atlas. I’m excited to introduce Fire Emblem: Arms of Valor, currently in development using the FEBuilder engine. AoV is the result of four years of work, with over 14 different failed iterations of the story and game. Inspired off the works of Vision Quest, Order of the Crimson Arms and many more before it, Arms of Valor sets out create immersive experience for all to love. Arms of Valor is slated for a 2025 release. I’m honored to present the first six chapters of the game! I hope you all enjoy it. Thank you.

New Mechanics/ Future Features:

-Bonus Experience: Complete chapter requirements to receive bonus experience to use on your units. BEXP gives 50 experience points and is used to level up your units!
-Contracts: Complete side quests within chapters to receive bonus rewards!
-Tactics Menu: Gather intel and strategies about the chapters you take on!
-Held Items: Held Items can give special passive boosts when held. These passive boosts can range from skills to stats.
-Member Cards: There is a detection option when using a member card. Selecting detect will allow you to detect if there are any secret shops on the map. Say goodbye to using a guide!
-Anna’s Hotline: Need cash? Whenever you are in need of gold, use a device to call Anna and have her wire you gold! But beware… for the more you use it, the more dire the consequences…
-Secret Events: Secret characters, events and items for players to discover!
-Intermission Chapters: Learn more about your comrades, talk to NPC’s, find secrets, complete odd jobs, and more within non-combat chapters!
-A randomly generated Boss Rush mode!
-Records System: Keep track of your chapter-by-chapter statistics and compare your high scores from your first playthrough to your new game plus playthrough!
-New Game Plus: Replay the game on New Game Plus! Unlock five guest units as you replay previously played maps. Maps will change and enemies will grow stronger on new game plus, making the experience fresh!




For the Best Experience/Dev Notes:
-Battle BG’s have not been added, for the best experience please play on “battle backgrounds 1”
-AoV has only been bug tested on MGBA and is recommended for the best experience. Other emulators may result in unintended errors or bugs.
-Some visuals are WIP and will be updated at a later date.
-Most of the typos and spelling mistakes were cleaned up but, in the chance, you do see one, let me know.

Known Bugs:
-There is a small black box that appears in the save menu.
-When Doki appears the music changes and then returns to map bgm
-Ch4. If Barus defeats the last boat, he will be stuck in a state of “canto limbo” and will not be able to end his action.

Credits Link: https://1drv.ms/w/s!AraA_5QnyznzlivTSjFkNwFpZAnX?e=zXIPoZ


Engage music? AWESOME!

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Hey everyone! The download link and patch have been updated with some quick bug fixes! I recommend giving the new patch a go rather than the old one! It’s the same link as the old one! Cheers!