[FE8/Visual Novel] Blaze of Glory (1/?)

Hello everyone. It’s me, Lukirioh, once more.
This time I bring you another non traditional FE hack I made a day I felt so down … It has only one chapter and I don’t know how many more chapters it could have.
This is very related with FE in fact … But you can take it however you imagine it.
This is an emotional project to me and I hope you like it too.

Blaze of Glory Ch1_1687327269682




This isn’t an usual FE gameplay. It is a Visual Novel


A VN made with FE, I feel like half my chapters turn into this with the amount of writing I do lol

Definitely have to check it out, downloading now.

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I love playing around with dialouges in FE8. This can definitly work.

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An interesting idea for sure.
I have to check it out.

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