[FE8] - Updated nightmare module package for use with the buildfile method

This is a small package containing what I consider being the only modules necessary to use with the hack buildfile method (using n2c/c2ea that is). The modules were cleaned up and corrected compared to the ones from the most common “all in one” packages found on pretty much every GBAFE hacking related site.

For more information on how to use the buildfile method to build a GBAFE hack, check this guide.

I am also working on including pre-ripped csv files that use definitions instead of numbers. Done.
I may or may not consider making the same kind of thing for FE6 and/or FE7.

If you think I am missing something or made an error somewhere please let me know here or on the FEU Discord.


Update: Now the package includes a Table Definitions.txt (along with 2 other files used for definitions) and pre-filled csvs (still for FE8) containing stuff like actually readable Item/Class/Character Attributes.

I didn’t do the csv for Chapter Data yet, but I’m working on it don’t worry. D O N E.

You’re doing god’s work, my friend.