FE8 tiled map insertion troubles

Posting on Zim’s behalf. K so I’ve made a map using tiled that was going to be inserted and was… but it looked like this.

What it supposed to be

I’m not sure what the problem seems to be.

Did you alter the tileset in any fashion? Are all of the bytes for the tileset for the map correct in Nightmare? (At least, I think FE8 works the same as FE7 in this regard?)

Have you tried using Yeti’s tool to make sure that it’s not a problem with the map/file?

Do you have the configuration stuff in the Chapter Data Editor set up properly?

Yeah I think that tileset is 3C003D3E so I’ve got those first three boxes as 3C, 3D, and 3E.

And my map in Tiled looks messed up:

But I’m just using the map he sent me, so I don’t get why the map is on fire and the tile changes aren’t there

figured it out, he was using a different tileset named “purple fort.png” and I was using the tileset with the IDs

Figured out why that was messed up, now I’m having an issue with getting the map to insert.

I’m getting this error now when I try to insert the map.

Tiled looks like this, and all the changes have IDs, I thought it was throwing the error because the main map layer doesn’t have an ID, but when I gave it an ID I got an out of bounds error, so that can’t be why I’m getting the error.

The main layer should only have a property called “Main” with no value.

All the other layers should have the following properties:
ID: a unique number
Width: how wide the tile change is
Height: how tall the tile change is
X: x coordinate of the upper left corner of the change
Y: y coordinate of the upper left corner of the change

Based on personal experience, if your width/height are incorrect or x/y are incorrect, the inserter complains about a change not having an ID. It’s probably because the dimensions are too small, so it tries to make a tile change for the left out portion, but that portion doesn’t have an ID.

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My main layer didn’t have the “Main” property.

I’m a dumb, thanks