[FE8] Thress Houses style Combat Art, by Mokha

verson 1.0 of Thress Houses style Combat Art:

3HousesStyle CombatArt-master_byMokha


In 3 Houses, Character can launch combat skills freely, such as “Curved Shot” will buff their Battlehit (and BattleAttack, ofcourse).

I want to realise it inGBAFE, then made such a prototype. You can get a new choice in UnitMenu,then you can select the CombatArt in the submenu. You can get a Hit+30 & Range+1 buff with bow if you select “Curved Shot”, just as vanilla in Three House, but you cannot attack doubled with any CombatArt.

I have also made a skillsystem fiting version:
3HousesStyle CombatArt-master-FitSkillSystem_byMokha
but it does not worked well, Neimi can use “Attack” even if Range=3; Even worse, if Neimi attacked when range=2 at 1st player phase, game will crashed (if attack range=3, game will works well), currently I have no idea how to fix it:

Although in version 1.0 it just contains just one combat art, Curved Shot, it has not been difficult to make more Combat Art skills in it, cause other buffs (or debuffs) of battle can be changed in the upper BattleSystem, which is located, as I guess, in (0x802A398) a function named BattleGenerate.

I have to admit that this is the first time I try to make such a project. Actually it took such a quite a lot of time (more than 3/4 of the time it cost) for a non-CS major Student to learn just about the battle system and the working principle of the menu in vanilla routine. So the quality of the coding struct maybe … ummmm I’ll try to do better in version 2.0

Funtion I remade from Vanilla
(According to FE_GBA_Function_Library-master)
(0x802A398) BattleGenerate
(0x802AF94) BattleCheckDoubling

(0x804FAB8) EndTargetSelection
(0x80171E8) GetUnitRangeMask
(0x80251B4) MakeTargetListForWeapon
(0x8022BD8) A Founction when people press button B during targetSelectingbyWeapon routine

Special thanks
Function Library’s constructors, Tiki/StanH and other genius
SkillSystem’s builders:
Colorz for debuffs, freeze, and dragon veins
Monkeybard & Black Mage for most of the skill icons; Blaze for Stances skill icons; vlak for Drive skill icons; Pikmin1211 for miscellaneous icons; Zaim for Indoor March icon
Tequila, Rossendale, StanH, Leonarth, 2WB, Teraspark, Darrman, SD9k, Kao, blademaster, Snakey1, Zeta, Kirb, Sme, Ganzap for skills, 7743 for various bugfixes
Primefusion for the test map
Str/Mag Split based off of Kirb’s FE8 version which is based off of Tequila’s FE7 version. RobertFPY, Pikmin1211, and Snakey1 for finalization
and more.
All of Excellent tutorial and their authors offered in FEU!


Good luck with this, there are a lot of people (not myself) who would no doubt love to use Combat Arts in their projects.

You should take a look at the combat arts that Sme made:

Perhaps you could look into adding more arts for it? There aren’t that many yet.

Oh, this is cool!

We are stacking skillsystems now? Nice. I wonder where this stuff will lead in the future.

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