[FE8] The Sacred Discord

Welcome to my first topic on FEU which include my Hack which was shown on this years FEE3.

So what is The Sacred Discord?
It is an Hack which was basically a PME for a Discord server. So when I started it I wanted to make something more of it and then I started to make a Hack with custem maps, events and all that stuff. For now that is all I have to say but I will edit this post when I have the time so there will be more from me :smile:

Oh yeah before I forget! In the folder of the Patch there are the german and the english patch but the english patch isn’t finished yet. I will update it any time my friend and me have the time for it. Thanks to @Robinjonator who started the english patch.

Here is the Link for the folder: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0cgz73lbldb8ilb/FE8+The+Sacred+Discord.zip

There is a problem with the rout split after chapter 8 but I showed it at the FEE3 video so you can look there but I should make a seperate video for it. You should choose Aneyas route because if you choose my route nothing will happen in the next chapter.

There also text files in the folder.

That is all for now but I am not finished with the post but I have some time pressure for now.

I will make a table so that you can see the skills for the classes if you like.

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Attempting to patch this onto a clean FE8 rom gives me a “patch doesnt match” error.

That’s weird. I know that this happened some times but somehow we managed to fix it. I just tried a few times myself but it didn’t work. I think that Nathan and I will try to fix that somehow. Just be patient untill then.

Hmm that’s really weird but it could be because I have 3 different US Roms so I will look.

So I’ve got the time and patched the Rom with all 3 US version that I have of FE8 so try it again and see if anyone of the UPS patches works. The names of the folders have got the name of the specific US rom I used to make the UPS files.
I hope that them will work. :smiley:

Thank you for going the extra step! Seems I have a Usa/Aus rom. Playing now :slight_smile:

EDIT: I will say, it would be nice if there was another way to beat the first level. For example luring the bottom boss upwards, close enough.

In the beginning I did not understand what you meant but then I realized it and it’s a genius idea. I love it. But sadly I don’t think that chapter will be remade. Or Nathan puts it in additionally. Maybe then it could be changed. At least you can clear it by using Marxx.

I must have missed the intended win condition then. The only solution I found was to grind Aneya on the cavalier until level 5 (Going back and forth from the fort, no fun), where she could then beat it.

There are reinforcements on the two forts. You could have trained Aneya that way. The other solution that I didn’t noticed by making this first chapter is that you could use Marxx with pass to get to the cavalier so that Aneya can size at the same turn.

hello I am presented with a problem, when I finish chapter 8 does not advance me more, in fact, I go back to chapter 5, help please

So you came to this. You have to save in chapter 5 and then reset the rom and select restart chapter. Then it should work normal.

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muchas gracias, funciono perfectamente

sacred stones is so awesome, i beat it so many times :ok_hand: