[FE8] The Princess's Lament - A Sacred Stones rebalance, rewrite, overhaul, expansion extravaganza!

what i did here was to first kill that soldier in front of her, break the wall, get inside and have ramon block the entry point, give ramon all your vulneraries as mila wont need them as she will just throw magic behind ramon, the only units that you will aggro are just two soldiers, who ramon easily outspeeds, a merc and a shaman, for me only the shaman posed a problem since by the the time the cavs spawned at the far right, my units were already past the corridor

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1.13 released

  • Fixed a softlock if you beat chapter 21x without recruiting either of the recruitable characters.
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Thanks for fixing. Cant believe I’m the only one who didn’t want to cough up 8k for a recruit (x2!) when I already have 4x as many units as I can deploy.

Miss me with that sob story about a “sick brother” or the one about “chopping wood doesn’t pay good” lol I got a whole army to feed you can’t have 8000 gold, nuh-uh!

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I think most people recruit everyone possible, regardless of whether or not they intend on using them. Money is no object to completionists like me!


Yeah I was kidding :laughing:


You’re more of a monster than I am, and that’s saying something, seeing everything that goes on in the hack. Impressive!

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Even i have to agree with that lol

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I had an idea for some kind of postgame, you still have the ehraim mode maps laying around right?

If you can figure out how to, you could make some actual maps out of those with map nodes leading to them.

Played this hack, and I really enjoyed it. I like the character arc you made with Eirika, and I enjoyed the rebalancings. I also decently like the new characters. That being said, I made this post (and this account, really) primarily to talk about one thing…

Thoughts on the number 1 twist

Okay, how dare you. Literally how dare you. HOW DARE YOU DO THAT TO ME. The logical part of me understands that there is a price to be paid, and that a war isn’t really all sunshine and rainbows, and losing Seth makes sense for that purpose. The part of me that a) likes Seth as a character, and b) hardcore ships Seth/Eirika, however, is SCREAMING IN ABSOLUTE SADNESS AND FURY BECAUSE HOW DARE YOU.


:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you enjoyed the hack!

I’ve posted here before, but I’ve gotten a good bit farther so here’s my thoughts, I guess:
(Note: just this one section [class and character mechanics] is getting pretty long, so I may limit this in scope until later today)


Amelia not getting cav as a promotion option was a bit of a letdown. Ended up promoting her into soldier and there’s a few things I want to say about soldiers as a whole (though so far that’s just Ramon and Amelia): Their speed is appreciated, and their damage output is surprisingly good, but low survivability means I didn’t level them up, and by the time the routes merge they’re both basically unusable. I may have played a little too conservatively with Ramon, but Amelia I feel like is definitely a bit lacking in defense. Based on other replies to this thread, I’ve seen she can get pretty good, but because of the large cast I didn’t feed anyone stat boosters until the route merge, when I evaluated who I’m really going to use in the endgame. That may have something to do with it, or maybe I just got stat screwed.


Vanessa was a challenge to keep alive in the early game, but right after the route split she became really effective. Maybe I should’ve just fed her some XP earlier, since she’s quite a well balanced unit. Props for that. In comparison, Tana is a bit lacking until I got a few blessed level ups that evened out her stats a bit. Her stat-boost convo with Joshua in her first chapter definitely saved her usability on Erika’s route, though, and they’re both viable picks through the route merge, after which I filtered out all but the very best. Neither of them are top tier, but they do pretty well. Susanna’s horseslayer on her first map lets her nab some XP, but her luck and res growths resulted in a unit who can’t take counterattacks, which isn’t in itself bad, but the map design (which I do like, I’ll get to that later) means even if I set up kills for her, she’s likely to be attacked by an archer or a mage, and she even got crit a couple of times. I’d give her a bit more res, seeing as low res is the wyvern riders’ niche weakness.

Speaking of, Cormag, has great damage output, but surprisingly poor survivability. I pushed him to a higher level than any of the pegasi, but by the route merge (and more importantly by the grueling chapter 20), he only had 12 def and 5 luck, meaning he was unable to deal with axe users of any real capacity and kept getting crit by mages even when they wouldn’t normally one-shot him. I’d up his def growth, though I think I may have just gotten luck-screwed, looking at his current growth. I used him 'cause of his personality and 'cause I knew I’d get Glen later, mostly.
On that topic, Glen’s arrival in chapter 21 was well executed, and his stats were good enough to save Erika’s bacon, but not good enough to take the pressure off. I haven’t had many chapters to use him since, and deployment’s been tight, but his role in that chapter was excellent.
Syrene’s not to broken, not too weak, there’s not much else to say.


I did decide to restart my run when I think it was 1.20 that dropped, and using Seth to set up kills this time did make the early game a lot easier. He was balanced well for what he did while he did it.
The other Renais cavs though, honestly disappointed me. I know my Franz generally got bad level ups from levels 10-20/2, so I can’t vouch for his normal strength, but I tried to use Forde and Kyle and right off the bat they were falling off. I kept them around until Innes and Gerik’s crew tightened deployment, but they didn’t really do much and the experience I gave them would have been better used anywhere else. They weren’t lacking in any particular area, but they just had sub-par stats all around.
Franz’s middling level ups until level 10 kept him usable for Ephraim’s route, but he wasn’t exceptional. Locking Franz to a single weapon to keep him from getting OP I understand, and it did a good job keeping him in check, but he may need a point or two in strength to mitigate the damage loss of lances. Lancelocking Forde and Kyle got rid of the WT advantage that would’ve kept them relevant, and I think reversing that may make them more viable.

Duessel may need to have a point or two of speed taken off, as GK’s additional movement makes him an absolute powerhouse. He’s not game-breaking though, and as-is he’s a fine unit. He holds up even if you bench him a few chapters to bring some weaker units to par.

Albertus just exists, I guess. He was good enough to stay deployed through Ephraim’s route, but nothing really stood out about him. I think that may have something to do with the fact that his supports are, as far as I’ve found, unwritten, and I don’t know anything about him as a character beyond the Ch:10 introduction. If he had some more character I’d probably consider him well balanced, but I only remembered him 'cause I checked to see if I’d missed anyone. (Though I get supports are time-consuming to write, so no pressure or anything)

Heavy Infantry

Gillaim carried the early game, though looking back I might should’ve let some weaker units take some of the experience I gave him. I promoted him pretty early after the route split, as my first promotion after Melville, and to rectify the experience gap I didn’t use him again until Hamill Canyon, but even then he was a powerful addition.
My D’Erika got strength screwed, but her defense keeps her a solid unit and her averages may even be a tad trivializing, though the gimmick of low res does a good job keeping her in check, particularly with the mage-heavy Ephraim route.
Fado would be broken except that the game is stocked with powerful magic users base FE8 lacked, so I do have to watch where I put him on some maps. I guess he is a level 12 prepromote, so one would expect him to be a cut above. Once Ephraim promotes he’ll probably outclass his dad.
In general (hehe) I appreciate making armor knights good, and the addition of bows in particular makes general/GK an actual choice, extra attack range or 7 move, though I ended up going general with both. The higher speed I feel like definitely helped a lot too, though it might have been overdone, since eventually they had as much speed as some of my pegasus knights, without the low con.
Gerik was fine inasmuch as I used him, but due to the swords I had available when I recruited him (my own fault), Joshua was clearly the better choice for sword infantry, though I used both when I got the chance.
Once deployment started to become a consideration, I cut Garcia and Harold pretty quick, but thanks to some nearly average level-ups for once, Ross for once isn’t a terrible unit. He lasted me awhile but ultimately didn’t make the post-route cut.
Dolza got benched pretty quick just 'cause he was a prepromote and I wanted to give some other units experience, and he just wasn’t quite good enough to be brought back for the daunting chapter 20. He doesn’t seem like a bad unit, though.

Light Infantry

Even though Elaine was a fighter, she didn’t make it into the heavy infantry section because she doesn’t fit very well into the class. Frankly, her low skill, high speed, and middling-low defensive stats means she doesn’t fit very well anywhere, and I think the only reason I kept her on the team as long as I did was 'cause she was part of Ephraim’s OG squad and 'cause she has more writing than the others. She’s not egregiously weak in any one area, but her statline doesn’t synergize well, particularly taking into account that her primary (and only pre-promotion) weapon type is axes.
Joshua, on the other hand, was, as in base FE8, amazing to play with. Not so powerful that he could solo maps, particularly with his middling def and res, but a good avoid and decent supports (both units and support bonuses), as well as ridiculous speed and a decent strength made him a really satisfying unit without being broken. Had him kill Calleach as per usual, and the stats/RNG provided just the right amount of dramatic tension to make the kills I fed him worth it. All that, and the extra moments of characterization he gets with the writing make Joshua one of my favorite units here, as with base FE8.
Marissa has excellent bases, but she shows up too late to really compete with Joshua, and Gerik usually edges her out as my auxiliary sword infantry. Gerik/Tethys is the support line I usually go for anyway, so I’m not up in arms about it or anything. She’s a replacement Joshua, but if he’s still alive and decently leveled she can’t compete.
Both the thieves felt kinda bad to play with, and I only used them when there was a stealable, non-droppable statbooster or more chests than I had keys for (which only happened like once). I say both because I’m gonna get to Rennac when I get to chapter 20.
Soldiers are kinda light infantry, kinda heavy infantry, so they got their own little section.

Light and Healers

Moulder’s base stats to a nice job keeping him relevant for longer, and I was looking forward to seeing what he would do in the story until I accidentally gave him an A support with Gilliam trying to heal him. I had to do this multiple times to get an A, and unfortunately “accidental support” is not a valid reset criterion :sweat_smile:. I think once I’m done I may replay it knowing what I know now, and if I do I’ll definitely try to use him longer.
Artur feels a bit weaker than vanilla, but I guess that just means he’s not insanely overpowered now when it comes to monsters and dark casters. Mechanically I like how he works, still a beast against light magic’s traditional foes but unable to solo village of silence. The mount is a nice touch, though I do miss the monk animations sometimes. The choice to have him promote into sage instead of bishop confused me, and I ended up going Valkyrie, but as a general rule he’s nearly as fun a unit as Joshua. I appreciated his convo with Natasha in Queen of White Dunes, both mechanically and narratively.
Speaking of, I feel like Natasha’s two most important stats, magic and resistance, both got nerfed, magic in the base and res in the growth. Maybe it’s just the stronger enemies and Moulder’s relative strength, though the res growth definitely seems lower (though her role as “siege tome tank” got filled by Qastimon, so it’s not too bad). A bit of leveling brought her magic more to speed though, and compared to other healers her avoid is amazing, her dodge survivability alone is worth a slot on the team, at the very least until Artur promotes.
Moulder’s dad (Aristobulous or something) kinda just existed. I feel like he was supposed to be promoted as soon as you get him, but 12 just seems like a wasteful time to level, and once L’Arachel shows up her growths and potential (plus her Ephraim support, but shh), as well as the one point of movement, is enough to shunt him out of the way.
I chose Salvador but didn’t end up using him 'cause prepromote. What can I say, I like bringing earlygame characters up to speed!
L’Arachel got mentioned above, and to reiterate, her growths and mount more than make up for her somewhat shabby bases, I feel like she’s definitely a more viable unit, and I use her for rescues even when there’s no one to heal. Nice to use.


After chapter five I basically never used Lute again, just 'cause deployment got tight. She didn’t seem like a bad unit, but I didn’t realize how soon I was going to drop Garcia and the few chapters he gathered useless experience probably would’ve been better spent on her. If I play through again I’ll see how she plays further into the game.
Valent just exists, I guess. He was useful for chip damage early on, but compared to casters in general he forfeits some skill for defense. While this helps him survive enemy phase melee attacks, it wasn’t enough to save him from the almost ubiquitous presence of longbows, which meant I had to hold him back while other units cleared the way, as his low skill means he can’t reliably one-round archers. This could also be fixed by giving him some extra con so he can double with Elfire, increasing his damage output/Elfire hit reliability to viable levels. He has fairly good stats, but early maps on Ephraim’s route almost force you to underlevel him.
Saleh was a prepromote, so, as usual, I didn’t use him for awhile. On paper he looks solid though.
Promoted Ewan into dark rider or whatever, mostly enjoy how he plays, though he’s not really a good pick if you don’t grind him before you reach Jehenna.
Not quite sure where to put Dara, so I’ll just stick her here, I guess. I don’t understand how her summon’s weapon works. Sometimes it’s a killer axe, sometimes an iron one. This may be in base FE8 too and I’m just an idiot. Cool unit though, enjoyable to play chapter 21, but not exceptional.


Imma be honest, I didn’t play very much with any of the dark casters until Tethys and then Na’amah in 21x. Novala was a little flimsy his first chapter, but after that held up fairly well until the route split, after which I stopped using him. Tethys gains experience really fast by killing people, and for a dancer, she’s surprisingly good at it. Fun to use, but maybe could use a nerf of some kind. Na’amah has good damage output, but she’s remarkably flimsy. Died multiple times against the archer at the beginning of 21x. Didn’t use Knoll very much in 21, and there haven’t been many chapters (or deployment slots) that I’ve had since.


Nemi was amazing, I used her even through the route merge. What can I say? She capped skill and speed before promoting, and her convo with Innes kept her damage relevant for as far as I’ve played.
Harriet is useful for taking care of fliers and the occasional mage, but she’s just all-around weaker than Nemi, and she’s basically only used since she’s the only archer on Ephraim’s route.
Innes was a prepromote, but because I foresaw some further story importance in him and because his statline was just begging to be used, I only benched him for a chapter or two. He really helped with the fliers on chapters 17 and 21, and both he and Nemi are in my top-ish tier (though they still get hedged out by Artur, Joshua, Dussel, and the Armor Knights)


Melville was used consistently up until his fairly early promotion (hit level ten in chapter 8), when his experience gain became inefficient enough that I benched him. The improved weapon in chapter 15 is probably helpful, but I never brought him back from retirement, so I don’t really know how he performs late game.
Afria’s 1-2 range made him useful for chip damage, but he wasn’t really good enough to survive enemy phase in good condition. His speed was appreciated, but he would’ve benefitted more from defense.
Qastimon took up the role of “siege tome and all-purpose mage tank”, and while archers still pose a problem to him, he fills that role well. No complaints here, he’s fairly balanced

I’m fair sure I missed some people, but that’s all I can remember right now. Two things I want to mention so I don’t forget when I talk about story and map design later: First, Erika seems unable to support anyone, despite having support partners listed in the “ally” section of the unit list. I’m wondering if this is intentional, and if so, when does it stop and is there a way to communicate one or both of those answers to the player? Second, it feels like experience gain above level 10 is severely hampered, and similarly I’m assuming it’s intentional but is there a way to communicate that to the player, and around when do you suggest we promote?

Anyways, enjoyed playing so far, hope everyone’s having a good day!

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Same here dude, and probably everyone in this thread that so far has played the game lol