[FE8] [Solved] Need help to locate these graphics

Need the offsets for the
TSA (if they have)
for the following:

  1. Ephraim’s graphics in the intro (only for the close up colored image, not the shadow)

  2. Small pale blue box with the “EXP” word, the frame that contains the EXP gauge
    and the Palette for the (yellow) EXP bar.

If anyone knows the locations to these
please post them
for I can’t find them.

The “shadow”, is also colored when it first loads, it’s only turned into a shadow after a window effect which looks pretty cool. The opposite is also true for the close up:

If you want the graphics FEBuilder has the offsets for all of it, including tile arrangement and palettes.
Just get FEBuilder and go into the patches menu, look for “ephraim”.

A quick search for the exp bar palette turned up $803590.
It’s not even compressed.
For future reference, most of the time you can just look for the palette in your hex editor and it will come up, use your emulator’s debug features and I’m sure it will show you the values for the colors.

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Once you find a palette, finding the data is easy.
Because most processing is to load the image, load the TSA, and read the palette.

According to Leonarth, it is 0x08803590, so if you look at ASM, you can easily find it.

08050760 481C   ldr r0, [pc, #0x70] # pointer:080507D4 -> 08802D44 (Uncompressed Image	frame )
08050768 F7B1 FC54   bl 0x08002014   //RegisterTileGraphics
0805076C 481B   ldr r0, [pc, #0x6c] # pointer:080507DC -> 08803524 (Mysterious TSA data 1 )
0805076E 491C   ldr r1, [pc, #0x70] # pointer:080507E0 -> 020238F4
0805077C F020 FB8A   bl 0x08070e94
08050780 4818   ldr r0, [pc, #0x60] # pointer:080507E4 -> 08803590 (Something's palette 36 )
08050782 4919   ldr r1, [pc, #0x64] # pointer:080507E8 -> 020228C8 (gPalette1Buffer )
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