FE8 Softcoded Auto Cursor

I’ll spoiler the readme below but the tl;dr version is this:
Enclosed is an assembly hack that reads autocursor characters from an array on a chapter-to-chapter basis; ie, making array[2] 0x2, will make Seth the autocursor character for chapter 2. @CT075’s assembly patcher is included along with a nightmare module and other stuff to make using it easy. Cheers

/Auto Cursor Hack by Brendor/

This FE8 hack reads autocursor/status screen character data off of an array,
instead of the vanilla hardcoded deal. To denote particular characters for
particular chapters, write the character ID into the nth index in the array
where n is the chapter ID; this can be easily done via the included nightmare module.
Aside from character ID’s you can also either enter 0 to use the 1st character like
the Tower and Ruins chapters, or 0xFF to use the default lord; Erika(0x1) in Erika mode
and Ephraim(0xF) for Ephraim mode. The array by default is placed at 0xB30000, if you
want to relocate it, use the “Repoint Array.py” file to create a bin file with the
appropriate values. If you choose to do this, do it before patching as it outputs an
edited bin file to use for patching and doesn’t write directly to the ROM. Use Camtech’s
assembly patcher, inlcuded in the folder, to patch your FE8 ROM. You can rename your ROM to
“FE8.gba” and use the script included, edit the parameters in the script file to match your
file names, or execute run.py and manually enter each command.
Don’t forget to link at 0x33258 if you do this.

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Oh please tell me something like this exist for FE7?

Don’t think so

well darn

Venno has an autocursor fix for FE7 here. They work by defaulting to the first deployed unit in the unit list.