[FE8] So secret shops are tileset specific?

Because I can’t get a secret shop to work in the “8800898A” (Valni) tileset
but had no problems with the “3C003D3E” or “1800571A” tilesets.

If true, that’s a bummer.

I don’t see anything that checks the tileset. There’s a check for the phantom class, whether the unit has already moved this turn, and whether the LOCA event on this tile is 0x18. The check’s at 24090. Are you sure you set up the coordinates and whatnot correctly?

Pretty sure I’ve checked everything multiple times.


SHOP 0x0 label26 [2,8] 0x18

ORG $B34A40
SHLI 0xblah 0xblah 0xblah…

Even checked these in the Hex Editor and they are properly written
but no secret shop triggers at the location (while also carrying the card of course)

And to make sure I didn’t mess anything vital with the card
I went and entered all the secret shops on the world map. No problem.

Even tried different tiles at the intended location
(each time reloading from a savestate before the game loads the next floor)

Shoot me a patch and I’ll try to debug.

Ok sure but tomorrow because I’ve already done some changes to the map and the events.
I’ll revert them back to their previous settings.
Will try to shoot you a savestate too.