FE8 Skills System (FEBuilder) Question. Can I limit what hacks/mechanics are active?

Hello! I’m new to hacking so don’t beat me up too much, please.

I’ll tell you the whole setup:

I open a FE8U ROM in FEBuilder,
I go to advanced editors
I go to patches,
I select Skill Config,
I download the patch it gives me,
I run the ROM and have leadership stars and a whole lot of other mechanics active when I just wanted the skills.

Is there a way to make the things I want to keep “Enabled” while having the extra stuff “Disabled” if that makes sense? Or even just removing the unnecessary stuff?

Thank you.

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The current Skill System from FEBuilder has a lot of thing already integrated in it, you can disable certain things but not everything.

If you want full control over what’s in and out, you have to use buildfiles.
You can build your base project with buildfiles (Skills only, disabling anything you don’t like/need) and then edit the ROM with FEBuilder.

Use a custom build and edit root/skillsystem/config.event (eg. in notepad) to your preferences.


Or use the uninstall leadership stars patch if that’s your only grievance.

Don’t do this. It makes report7z almost useless, so 7743 wouldn’t be able to help you.

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