[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 151 skills done, more on the way


I might be tripping but Vantage isn’t activating for me.


Is there anyway for the Vanilla FE8 with skills to fix the Tower of Valni glitch? I can’t proceed past ch9 because its just black screen for Tower of Valni scenes


The glitch because the tileset for the Tower gets deleted, I might see if importing the tileset from a clean fe8 would fix it


I downloaded a v2 version of the hack and while the Tower is still broken at least it’s not a black screen anymore


Are there any hacks out that use the skill trading system?


Desperation is not working properly, is it only happening with me? It is “stealing” the enemy’s attack


elaborate more on this please


Unit is below half health and can double. Unit iniates an attack against an enemy. Unit attacks once. Unit attacks again before enemy’s counterattack, as it should be. Unit attacks a third time in place of the enemy, enemy does not get a counter attack. I contacted Circles through DM on Discord, he says it’s an issue he knows of which he has yet to narrow down.
Am I the only one to get this?


Update: Did some stuff.

  • Added Capture as a skill
  • Added Steal+ as a skill
  • Trample and Opportunist now actually do something
  • Added the Slayer and Effectiveness rework, although I mostly disabled it by default. Slayer is a skill that works as in vanilla (3x weapon might against monsters), and is negated by Nullify. Nullify also negates effective weaponry. For details on the rework, see Skill System/Teq Hacks/FE8-Nullify/_README.txt.
  • Updated effectiveness/talk warnings to not lag when selecting a unit


Is Vantage Plus supposed to negate crits when being attacked?


According it its description, yes


Wow I thought that meant it negates enemy crits. That’s kinda lame.


Is Moonbow/a special charge system properly integrated? That’d be really cool.

Also, If I’m working within FE Builder, is there a way to edit/add skills? I haven’t touched the program in a while and I don’t know how tied FE Builder is to this patch, but I wanna try to implement those skills more universally, and maybe even combine the skills (ie. Sol and Luna become Aether) and even implement Heroes Skills like Glacies and FEH!Ignis


To answer both:
I don’t believe moonbow is implemented properly, no.
You can’t update the patch or edit any of the skills within builder. If you want to use a newer version you’ll need a fresh rom. This is the main reason people try to advocate using buildfiles and not builder.


Yes, Vantage+ is supposed to negate player crits. I made an alternate version that doesn’t back when I made the skill, but you’d have to update the skill description to match as well.


Thanks man I appreciate it all y’all are doing. Keep it up!


Shadowgift seems to conflict with Weapon Lock Ex Patch.
Weapon Lock Ex is a patch that allows you to define multiple Lock Weapons.

08016574 B530   push {r4,r5,lr}   //CanUnitUseAsWeapon
08016738 3028   add r0, #0x28   //Skill SkillSystems 20181020 (スキル拡張)@00016738.bin@BIN
0801673A 1840   add r0 ,r0, r1
0801673C 7800   ldrb r0, [r0, #0x0]   //専用武器Ex 導入@@EA
0801673E 2100   mov r1, #0x0
08016740 4290   cmp r0 ,r2

Weapon Lock Ex(専用武器) hook 0801673C.
However,SkillSystems Hook 08016738.

JumpToHack hooks use 8 bytes.
Therefore, they hook routines to each other, and it do not work well.

SkillSystems is doing hooks in this part of “Master Skill Installer”.

//Shadowgift and friends (only Lumina for now)
ORG $16738


Maybe you can put up (or have them put up) two patches, one with Shadowgift, one without?


It is impossible to install two patches at the same time.

JumpToHack consumes 8 bytes, so you can not secure enough space to put two patches at the same time.
Also, these two patches will hook all the end of the function, neither of which will return to this function anymore.

It is possible to match the hook position to the same position.
However, it needs to fix either patch for that purpose only.
Because that is troublesome, I decided to make a patch to uninstall Shadowgift.
When installing WeaponLockEx, I want to uninstall Shadowgift and install WeaponLockEx.


By “two patches” I meant two alternatives (the regular patch, and an alternative patch without shadowgift), but what you did works too