[FE8] Skill System v1.0 - 151 skills done, more on the way


You’re the real Mvp. I am kinda busy right now, will try it hours later and report to you the result.


Why do not you merge this debuff glitch fix into the skill systems?
Is there any reason why you can not merge?


It has been merged since last year. no ideas why the gltich still happens to people.


Well I’ve tried code by ea and it’s still there whenever at specific chapters (chap 13 landing on taizel and onwards in klok game, lagdou ruins 2 in fe vanilla with skill ver 2.0 in this topic)

Anyway thanks for your help, i guess because just my luck.


Oh interesting. So my hack has the issue because it’s based on vanilla FE8. I completely forgot about the debuffs once groups get too big. I’ll have to rectify that.


im just trying to remove the first chapter with FEbuilder from the skillstest and add a the prologue to have a run with the skills and cant. can someone help out


Is there a way to use the skill system without the sped up handaxe animation? It looks off and it can’t be removed through FEBuilder. I’m using the version for vanilla FE8 if that makes a difference.


Does anyone know how to get the Debuff Weapons in the ASM folder working?


Is there a way to disable the Flashy Mode? (aka always critting when dealing the finishing blow to a boss) I’d prefer my hack without it.




Okay, and what’s the method?


if i wanted to, say, separate ignis into bonfire and iceberg and add those skills in, how would i go about doing it


You will have to learn some asm, you can fine the routine for Ignis in the Proc Skills folder, and here’s a tutorial to get started on asm:


Debuff bug occurs with SkillSystems + CSACreator.
It also occurred at the Boss Rush test stage of the github version of SkillSystems.

Install CSACreator and set additional magic.
The same problem occurs with any magic.
This time, I made a starlight magic.

I assigned this added magic to Fire.
Activating Fire breaks the status.

The status has been corrupted.

The status of other Player’s Unit that did not use magic will also be broken.

However, the status RAM of the unit is not broken.
Resetting and restarting will return to the original state.
I think that the Debuff area of ​​SkillSystems is broken.

There is no problem unless it is magic added with CSA Creator.
For example, setting magic in existing ROM to magic of Fire is no problem.
The problem only occurs when you activate the added magic.

The same problem also occurs in FEditor CSA System.
Perhaps, it seems that work memory used by these magic systems conflicts with the Debuff area of ​​SkillSystems.


i mean wouldn’t it be kinda simple, other than figuring out how to make it so all the skills exist and not just one? you go into the ignis file, copypaste the details other than the res or def getters (respectively) into a new event file, add corresponding icons and shit to the tables, and voila?


It is simple, unless you have no idea what you are looking at, that’s why I suggested the guide, it should also tell you where to get the compiler which you are going to need.

I don’t know what you mean “figuring out how to make it so all the skills exist”, just make new skills, there is nothing special you need to do: give them an id definition, an icon and a description and you are set.


This is the Display Growths hack, pressing the “Select” button should switch from growths to stats, although I don’t know why it would switch pages on it’s own just from using magic.


Because combat animations use the space in ram that stat screen stuff is stored to (2003BFC). Page number is saved at 202BCF0+0x14 && 0x3, and the rest is generated from there. I updated the hack (the original) to save the display growths toggle somewhere in ram, but I guess I forgot to include it here.


About the skill “Summon”. I wonder can you make it with animation? My idea is make it an ability animation like “Dance” or animation like using a staff.


How do I install this without the boss rush chapter?