[FE8] Self-Randomizing Rom v1.3


Healing AI fixed for next release, thanks @Teraspark


I love the hack! Just wondering if I can keep a save when you release new patches? Or do I have to restart on a new save?

Is there a reason I cant see the growth rates tab? Maybe my randomization setting wasn’t high enough to change them?

Also any idea when you’re wanting to release v1.2?



Is there a way I could test seeds to see what units are going to be? I kind of want to find a heavenly seed that makes both Eirika and Ephraim super amazing


I just now downloaded the 1.1 version but there were some things I have not seen addressed so far in earlier versions:

  1. Had a character spawn with shove as his personal skill and got it as a class skill. It was listed twice in his skills section.

  2. I was able to visit the northern village in chapter 4 twice. If I recall correctly, it closed but visit was still available before I moved away from it. [details=Summary][/details]

  3. Perhaps people didn’t want to say anything, but I’m sure your aware of this. When an enemy drops a vulnerary that they have used, it comes to my character with 3/3 uses left.


You always get a full-uses item when you kill an enemy with a droppable. The only reason it would have 2/3 is if you steal it.


I don’t know if its relevant at all, but I’ve been going through the vanilla events trying to get the hang of eventing. In the chapter 4 events the location data doesn’t have any event IDs associated with the village events, which I think is wrong, but the vanilla game just does not seem to care about it and operates as expected.

LocationBasedEvents: VILL 0x0 label25 [1,11] 0x10 LOCA 0x0 [1,10] 0x20//Iron Axe Village VILL 0x0 label26 [8,2] 0x10 LOCA 0x0 [8,1] 0x20//Lute Recruitment Village END_MAIN

Also wanted to say great hack! I love randomizers and really could have used this years ago when I was stuck playing fe on my phone.


hi, really enjoying the hack. that being said, i have some comments/suggestions:

  1. random music is an interesting concept, but having the music change on every character action is annoying. i hear the first 1-2 seconds of a track and then silence as the track changes, which means that half of the map is spent in silence if i play quickly. giving an option to randomize the track at the beginning of player/enemy phase only would be good.

  2. seconding the notion for an option to exclude monster classes from the class randomizer. getting a character randomized into a zombie means that generally the character is unusable and permanently benched. this was particularly a problem for me in chapter 5x when both kyle and forde were randomized as zombies.

  3. story promotion promotes eirikia/ephraim into great lords regardless of their base class (e.g., ephraim was a pupil but he promoted into an ephraim great lord.) he can use both anima and lances which is kinda cool but i was looking forward to sage ephraim. this was done in v1.0 so if you’ve already patched this then feel free to ignore this comment.

  4. in scorched sand when eirika rejoined my party, she was the same level as when she left and did not scale up to ephraim’s level (correct me if i’m wrong but i’m pretty sure that’s how it works in the original game)

thanks and good work


It’s either select or start that can you press on the stats page to change it to the growths page.


…Honestly, as far as Monsters go… I love finding seeds where i get a Mogall early on, simply because the Eye ‘tomes’ are usable by anyone, so even though the Mogall tends to be useless, it allows me to remedy stuff like my anima mage characters spawning with Bolting and whatnot before Battle Preparations (and the custom shop) becomes a thing. It also makes tower grinding a lot easier, since it gives any character a fairly accurate, decently strong 1-2 range to counter with on enemy phase and never have to worry about durability. (mind you, this only applies until you enable weapon stat randomizing, in which they can become terrible or godlike)

…but other than that, i agree that monster units are just terrible overall… although that may also just be my luck, since i play with 100% stat variance (a handful of amazing units, the rest are literally unusable)

edit: Getting skills twice is a nuisance, though. Shove is one i’ve had to sit through, Camaraderie was another (which would have been nice if it stacked, but it doesn’t. Amaterasu doesn’t either.).


The Eirika/Ephraim Scorched Sand autolevel only levels them up to Level 15 if they’re below that.


Thank you so much! It was just select haha, makes me feel bad that I didn’t know that :joy:

Do you know anything about patching a rom that already has saves? Like can you still just patch old saves and continue?


Well the saves are a separate file. Though I can’t guarantee how well saves will work between multiple versions of the patch, you can continue on your save if you either A: Rename the save file your emulator makes to match the name of the newly patched rom, or B: Simply give the new patched rom the same name as the previous one you used, and it should use the same save file.


I tried to use the old randomizer to increase the growths of the patched rom(1.0) and it seems to have worked. To test it I used the same seed with 0% variance on both and the increased growth rom had higher stats on the enemies so I would assume that it worked. Hopefully this would mean that you could use this randomizer with the increased growth and still not have to do the patch every time.


Why isn’t it working for me, am I supposed to just add it into a folder with the game and that’s it?


You need to use NUPS to patch the .ups file onto a clean ROM.


If its easy to do (first time doing this) could u do a explanation or send a link. Thank u



The % variation ups/downs growths based on the already existing ones, so yes, if you up the growths of the enemies the randomizer will have higher growths overall, circles probably hasn’t changed the growths of the characters so you could even up them in a base rom and use that for all future patches.


Is it possible to have a version with the whole every time you reload all the enemies and potential allies randomize?


Hey, Circles. I haven’t read all the thread, but I encountered a bug: Whenever some (not every one) enemy eyeball would move the whole game would freeze. A softlock. This hack is AMAZING. Just wanted to help. Have a nice day.