[FE8] Remove game clear requirement for trainees' third promotion options

Ordinarily, Ross, Amelia, and Ewan are only able to access their third promotion options (into the “Super Trainee” classes) after the game has been cleared on both Eirika’s and Ephraim’s routes at least once.

How would one go about removing this check to allow the third promotion options to be accessed even when no game clear records exist in the save data?

You could apply the patch “Third Promotion Branch Options” (I think that’s the name) Then insert their super trainee classes as the third branch. I think that’ll work.

That is certainly also an option!

I was actually hoping to ultimately end up with four promotion options for each of the three Trainee classes, though, to maybe make them a bit more analogous to Valentian Villagers. I realize that might be getting a little greedy, haha

I can’t help you there. Maybe someone else knows if that’s possible.

@Onmi and @Tequila helped me with this once before! In EA, put

BYTE $C0 $46

BYTE $C0 $46

…or you can hex edit C0 46 into the addresses CCE68 and CDD4C in the rom, which was what i did because i had and still have no idea what an “event assembler” was at the time :v


Thank you! I figured it’d be something simple and easy to change like that; I just didn’t know where to look in the ROM for it.

But now I do! I appreciate the help!

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