[FE8] Remove Easy/Normal mode in FE8

Does anyone know how to remove easy and normal mode from FE8, and always make the game start in hard mode? It’s basically the same thing as this topic, but for FE8. I have a similar system in chaos mode where any mode you pick in mode select always takes you to HHM, no matter what.

Alternatively, can I just cut out easy/normal clusters of units from the events and it will always use the hard mode units instead? I just want all hard mode settings to be universally applied, including HM enemy stat boosts and etc.

At 0x30D18, change the bytes there to 00000000.
At 0xA4B7E, change the bytes there to 0120.

This will force the game into Hard mode no matter what you pick, although if you select Easy the save file will still appear green.


Exactly what I wanted! Thanks!

Incidentally, I can just rename all the options to Hard, right? Or are the modes maybe an image, not text?

The modes are images, not text.
Same for the chapter names.

I used Nintenlord’s hack to get rid of Easy mode in MS, then I tweaked some of the image data and I got this

If you notice, the cursor can’t go where the “Easy” option was before. You could very well remove “Normal” as well by editing Nintenlord’s patch a bit.

If you’re going for Venno’s approach, just find the right image in GBAGE, export it into a .bmp, open it in Paint or Usenti and copy-paste “Hard” over “Easy” and “Normal”, then reinsert the image. That should allow you to have Hard stuff everywhere (you perv)

Awesome, what hack is that? This sounds easier to do than I expected so yeah I think I’ll just replace everything with hard.

Edit: Actually, I meant to use Venno’s method. Thanks.

To only allow Difficult mode:

Apply the No Easy Mode patch, then change $AC144, AC2A2, and AC2C4 to 02.

To only allow Normal mode:

Apply the No Easy Mode patch, then change $AC2A6 and AC2C0 to 01.

EDIT: I noticed that this will still display the Easy mode description on the right initially, but you can easily fix that in FEditor (difficulty text is at slots 0x149-14B)