FE8 Remade for Tactile. (Possibly)

Hello everyone interested in this, I am trying my hardest to learn Tactile and when I saw Tactile the first thing that came to mind was a FE8 “port” and hopefully I intend to do this.

There is some stuff I want to see in this, however I want it to left up to popular demand. These changes seem more like QOA changes or changes that are only present in Tactile. But please let me know if any of these seem a bit over kill.

I also plan to make the “easy” mode option vanilla hard and make the “normal” option 15% growth and make “hard” 30% growths. If this is a problem, let me know.

Bronze Weapons? Will make it no for Vanilla and yes but 0 wexp for Final Mix

Inflated HP? Will make it no for Vanilla and yes for Final Mix

Change Vulneraries? 15 Hp

Change Dragonstones? Make it magic dmg and infinite but nerfed stats

Stat Distribution? Will make it no for Vanilla and yes for Final Mix

Recruitable Green Units Get Exp? Yes

Stat Labels? Will make it averages for Vanilla version, but Growths for Final Mix version

Inventory Size? 5 (Will most likely make it 6 in the “Final Mix” version)

Allow Unequipped? Yes

New Trainee classes? Yes

Effectiveness? X3

Repair Box? Yes

Buff Heal Staves? Yes

Include More Droppables/Stealables? Yes More Items + Rings + Afa’s drops

Updated Animations? Yes

Sorry if this thread looks a bit sloppy, it’s my first real attempt at a thread. Also sorry for the weird poll site, the other one was having trouble with me logging in :l. Everyone gets a single vote, so vote wisely :] ( Per poll)

Also if there’s anything you want to see, let me know and I will either straw poll it, or flat out deny it. Mainly because I don’t know how to do anything fancy yet.

If i’m able to create this, I will ask BwdYeti if I can release the end project as a fully editable base. I wanna ask him because i’m not to sure on how it’s dealt with and I wanna be safe.

I have just decided, I will make 2 versions, a vanilla version, then a “Final Remix” version. The Vanilla version will be the game ported over and the Final Remix version will include the new stuff that Tactile can do, the votes still matter because they will help give me a idea on what to do for the Final Mix version.


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Special thanks to
Intelligent Sytems and Nintendo for the “source”
Possibly many more if some of these votes go to the right thing.


Very cool concept. Expanding trainees is definitely a must. Will you include the traversable map or have the arena battle thing at base?

Hello! Not sure if FE8 in Tactile is really necessary, but if you do go through with it, I have some comments on your polls.

I chose the option against being able to unequip because I’m assuming that means no auto-equip.

I am personally very against growth stat labels because you can just check growth rates instead. Average-based labels make much more sense.

Adding new trainee classes and updating animations may enhance or ruin the experience depending on which units and animations are chosen. In my opinion, I would conduct a poll and set a very high bar to be approved (like 80% or so in favour) assuming enough people participated.

When I read “include more droppables/stealables,” I was all for it, but then in the options you talked about rings and afa’s drops which I would probably not want more of. Maybe just one more in the whole game.

I wish you good luck with the project!

Oooh, I am interested in the poll results.

Always looking for new formulas/patterns to use.

Tactile is C#/XNA, no?

@Kliss88 Thank you, the traversable map / tower / ruins was something I don’t know if I can really do, tower / ruins I have an idea, however moving around the map and being able to buy items from said chapter would be out of my reach and i’m not to sure it’s possible to do. The arena at base is a thing i’m not to familiar with and it seems like there’s no option to do to it on the editor, I think it requires coding and I have no experience with that, sorry.

@ChivesKirk Idk, it’s just something I thought would be cool. The option to unequip is the the same as radiant dawns unequip. Yeah makes sense, I guess I kinda wasn’t thinking about that, If Hp inflation and stat distribution is voted in favor for I will most likely keep it and if it doesn’t I can can switch over to Averages. Will do! when I get to a map with a character I think should be a trainee, I will do a poll, as for the animations, I was thinking of not going over board with it, only a few classes get updated, or if they get complained about to much I can always revert it. Yeah makes sense I always could do more droppables and have just put items on them, but I felt like vanilla sacred stones kinda tossed a lot of items at ya already, but I will add the option to the vote. Thank you very much!

@copywright I am very sure it’s in C# or atleast the one I put it to.

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If the equipping/unequipping system is like it is in Radiant Dawn, does this mean that staves give passive healing or buffs if equipped?

It doesn’t, what I was referring to was if you unequip a weapon and get attacked, it will not auto equip a weapon to counter until you press equip on a weapon.

Is this one similar to the Gregorian calendar?

lol, I didn’t know what it was called when you put specific dates in front of others, like by “American calendar” I meant Month/Day/Year.

Ah, I get it now.

Ah ok. I know in FE7X there is a limited training thing at base. I thought they had that in Tactile but now I’ll have to look into how to create it lol

Yeah, If I knew how to make it I would have done a poll to put it in. however If at some point you figure it out you can msg me and show me how to do it and I’ll be more than happy to do a poll on it.

Training is an FE7x exclusive feature, the public release tactile won’t be supporting it

@Ryn Traversable world map is something that I believe (do not quote me on this) is planned for later stages of tactile, but not any time soon, so I would just work around this for the time being.

Ah ok and yeah I was just gonna try to import the map from 8 then set the spots where they were in that game.

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Ah darn. I really liked that feature but I can understand wanting to keep that as a special feature in your own game.

Progress is being made, this is by no means dead. I have made some quick pictures in the OP. Sadly there isn’t much in the way of gameplay quite yet, but some cool inserts I hope yall enjoy.

Edit: 2 more pics as of 4/7/21

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