[FE8] Project Rock: Yet Another FE8 Rebalance

first patch has dropped, much quicker than i wouldve liked to lol, but turns out i goofed up heavily in ch9 to where there was a game crashing enemy, that fighter has now been fixed to function properly.

on top of that, theres been some various other changes
-tirado is no longer a quad general, he was not meant to be
-swift weapons now have properly adjusted prices in the shop
-the hatchet returns, making ross now actually usable again (sorry!)
-natasha got a small but meaningful staff rank boost, allowing her to compete even closer with moulder
-stat boosting weapons/rings now show what they boost
-swift axe should no longer break the game, if it does (or any other weapon) please let me know so i can fix ASAP
-ch7 reinforcements now have a event warning to make them more obvious

the patch has been edited onto the main post, but you can also download here. thanks so much for sticking with me, i apologize that its a bit of a mess rn!


Wow so cool this is, much talent!


When I play it soft locked after talking to ross.

cool hack bee talented r u!