FE8 portait insertion issues

This isn’t really a big deal, as I have no projects with FE8, but I test everything I do in FE8 and thought I would point it out anyway. Any idea if it’s an issue with the FE8 statscreen? Or is it Feditor not liking FE8? The stat screen is the only place the issue shows up, the portrait works great everywhere else. Conversations/the level up screen seem fine. Also, character slot doesn’t seem to make a difference.

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Please don’t ask about Garcia, it was Klok’s idea

i have never seen that happen before ever wat

I posted this on Serenes some time ago:

Just wanted to drop my two cents on the topic of FE8 mugs.
From what I see right now, there is an 8x8 pixel wide block on both topmost corners of the mug’s head that aren’t occupied in some way in FE8’s native mugs but are used in these two mugs. Said 8x8 space shouldn’t be filled in to begin with. Otherwise we get the results shown above.

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Something like this should work in-game. The area in the black, crossed out boxes are what should be ignored. Just fill in that space with the transparent color and the game should read it fine.

Yeah, I figured out what part of the hackbox it didn’t like (inserted a floodfilled version lol), I was just curious if this was an issue with how FE8 does portraits or a FEditor issue. (ooor both?)

It seems to be an issue with FE8 in general. There’s a reason portraits that size don’t exist in FE8.

Interestingly, class cards are exempt from this rule. (Though I’m sure it’s supposed to be that way to begin with)

Unresolved, this is clearly a hugely important issue that someone should fix asap

// assumes FE8U
PUSH; ORG 0x005D20
    BYTE 5

So this is a “fix” that will make fe8 behave like fe7 when it comes to clearing or not those 2 tiles. The issue is that it will break high shoulder “shifted up” portraits (the highest tile on the edges of the stat screen portrait will not be displayed)

The reason this is an issue in the first place is because of how the game draw the stat screen portrait: it will first will the area with a rectangular tile map - with “garbage” tiles on the top corners, since those are out of the hackbox - and then fill those corner tiles with blank tiles. fe7 clears 5 tiles, while fe8 clears only 4 (that’s the change the fix above does). Since we have to deal with “shifted up” portraits, it means that the shoulder height within the stat screen box for each portrait can vary between 3 & 4 (total height is 8), and if you do the math, it means that clearing 4 tiles leaves room for 4 shoulder tiles, while clearing 5 leaves room for three. And since fe8 leaves 4 tiles, it means that non shifted up portraits will have some “garbage” tiles leftover (those happen to be referring the top-right-most tile), hence why the glitch when displaying portraits with such tile non blank.

As to why this change was made between fe7 & fe8, the most logical guess I can make is that a “shifted up” portrait that makes full use of the shoulder tiles exists within fe8 (I want to say winged Myrrh but iirc that’s not the portrait she uses during gameplay (but maybe it was at some point prior to release?))

ASM Reference:

08005CA4 | LoadAndDrawStatScreenPortrait | Arguments: r0 = Output Tile Root Pointer, r1 = Portrait Index, r2 = Base Tile Index for Graphics, r3 = Palette Index

I solved this perfectly in mine by setting a mask map.