FE8 PME/Reskin Base - Halberdiers included and 3 way promotion patch included

Hello all today i’m here to present to you a simple patch for FE8 that adds genderbent versions for almost every class, as well as minor QOL patches and changes for all of your Pmeing and reskinning needs. I won’t bore you with the whole lore of it unless you really care enough to read it.

The Lore

While working on a personal hack for fe8 for my friends (nothing major just a bunch of ocs, a couple of text changes and memes i’m not that good at hacking so it was more intended as practice as was this patch.) due to some rom breaking bugs I ended up having to restart from a clean rom over and over again. Frustrated and annoyed beyond end i wanted to make a base so i wouldn’t have to restart from a clean rom. And even though i figured out what my issue was I still wanted to release this since there’s been a few PME’s running around and i thought might as well contribute to all that or maybe somebody just wants to make a simple reskin or something else like that.


Genderbent versions of almost every class that was missing Including the lords!!

Some classes don’t yet have genderbent animations unfortunately and i’m not a spriter so i had to take some creative liberties.

  • Male Falcoknight doesn’t have any genderbent anims atm but i let that one slide since those are already pretty passable as male anyways. I also didn’t really bother changing the Wyvern classes either although I may end up changing them at a later date.

  • For male Erika lord I used Roy’s anims

  • Neither of the T2 lords had gnederbent anims, for female Ephraim great lord I used Team Salvaged’s Female paladins’ anim and for male Erika great lord I used a T2 reskin of Ephraim for Eliwood by Glenwing.

These are all just band-aid fixes for this first pacth. If and when these animations get released I will update it to add them in. Also I didn’t bother with any of the traniess since I thought nobody would use em and they’d probably be more work than they’re worth although id be willing to do them if I get asked enough. I also changed some of the standing map animations of the base classes to make them more indicative of gender at a glance.

Soldiers and Halberdiers are in!

Balanced and fair the Soldier and Halberdiers are ready to be unapologetically unnoteworthy. Soldier’s can promote into Halberdiers and Paladin’s and on 3 way promos they also have access to General

Standardised promo gains

Pretty much every versions of the base classes had differing promo gains so I just defaulted them to that’re highest between each variation. I was also going to standardise the growths as well but i decided to leave those alone for the sake of more variation between classes. Hackers can change those if they want to.

A few patches for QOL
  • Thracia Trading

  • Unit Action rework

  • Show Heal Amount

  • Change support conversation to 5 people instead of 5 times.

  • Hard Mode Bonuses For Units That Appear as enemies

  • Less Annoying Fog

  • Updated L button cycling

  • Fix weak Promoted enemies

  • Forcibly activate the formation screen from prep menu

  • Fix prep screen in chap 5x

  • Allow forced units to change their starting position

  • HP Bars

  • Tutorial Disabler

  • Don’t clear the unit’s support when the unit dies.

  • Global Supports
    (There’s other patches but those are probably for the backend stuff and or are probably not worth mentioning)

If you don’t like some of these patches you can remove them. I’m also open to feedback for adding or removing certain patches but I still want to leave enough room for hackers to do their own thing so I don’t think ill be adding much more than like 15 or so patches.

Knights and generals have +1 base move

just a pet peeve of mine

3 Way promotion patch

Not included in the “Base patch” but an option there for those who like 3 way promos such as myself (See my comment below for the updated branches).

Overall a fairly simple hack to let hackers skip the boring stuff and get to creating funny ocs and shitty meme units. I tried to make the hack as barebones as possible to give hackers enough room to personalize the rom and as to not take up too much space. This is technically my first actual hack so also taking feedback on anything that may need fixing or changed for the better so don’t be afraid to leave any in the replies.

Plans for the future.

I am planning on making both a Skill systems version (based on a little bit of Fates and Awakenings skill systems although im willing to take some creative liberties as well as feedback on that too.)

Other than bug fixes and animation updates I don’t really plan on taking this hack much further then where it stands at the moment. I also don’t plan on making one of these for the other GBA games but I wouldn’t put it past my future self.

Some Screenshots

FE8 PME-Reskin Base3 way promo.emulator-0


The credits are with the patch!
3-Way Promos!


This will be perfect for @NecroLuna and I love this already

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just hotfixed the patch you may want to redownload

Wat- who summoned me?


Me, I figured these would be perfect for your PMEs

The patch has been updated! This patch was supposed to come out 2 days ago but i held onto it and I’m glad I did because this hack needed the extra time lol. But without further ado lets look at the notes.

Latest patch notes as of 5/26/22:

Added more patches (even though I said I wasn't but some of these are pretty necessary and I can't believe I forgot them.)
  • Less annoying fog

  • Hp bars

  • Fix weak Promoted enemies

  • Forcibly activate the formation screen from prep menu

  • Fix prep screen in chap 5x

  • Allow forced units to change their starting position

  • Don’t clear the unit’s support when the unit dies.

  • Fix weak Promoted enemies

Buffed Soldiers and Halberdiers!

Yep you herd it here first soldiers have actual stats crazy. This will technically make this particular hack a bit harder but not that much more difficult I’m sure

Here’s Soldiers new bases

Screenshot (22)

Based off of Spear Fighters bases from fates/if but not quite the same. They can promote into Halb’s and Paladins with the knight crest.

I was originally gonna leave them out of the hack but before I finished i had a change of heart or something and added them in last second sooo here’s The Halb’s bases

Screenshot (20)
Based off the Halb’s from fe9 they were a bit to high in fe10 for my tastes but its not like you’ll be fighting them anyways. Oh yeah here’s the promo gains as well

Screenshot (21)

The wiki didn’t have any promo gains so I just kinda based them off of The generals

Minstrels and Mistresses

I also added the Bards! And Male Dancers too! I completely forgot about them in the original patch but they’re both here in all they’re glory. I wanted to add the bards flute sound but really know how to do that atm but after this patch Ill look into it a bit more see what i can find. Not much else to really say abt them maybe this is why i forgot them.

A couple of anim changes

Admittedly I don’t remember every single anim change but i did add Helmetless WR for both genders (WL & WK didn’t have many genderbent options so they’ll have to wait unfortunately.) Besides that I changed the standing map anims for the genderbent lords I’m not sure why I left them at base anims but they’re changed now so pog ig.

Honestly looking back on the first patch its poorly put together and I’m kind of ashamed of it. I put together everything from scratch with this one (which is why this patch took so long to come out despite being extremely small) and its a lot better I’m sure of it, and barring any bug fixes I thing this patch should be it for the “Base” patch and work on both the skill systems and 3-way promo patches should be underway soon. But for now that’s about it feedback is always appreciated and thanks for reading.

Ohh looks cool

Alrighty folks 3 Way promos are here! Originally I wanted the 3 way promos and the Skill systems patch to come out at the same time but I said fuck it and said I’ma just release it now. But without further ado here’s the new branches:

  • Cavs gain access to General

  • Knights gain access to Halbs

  • Thieves gain access to Swordmaster

  • Merc’s gain access to Swordmaster

  • Myrm’s gain access to Ranger

  • Archer’s gain access to Warrior

  • WR’s gain access to Falcoknight

  • Mage’s gain access to Druid

  • Shaman’s gain access to Sage

  • Recruits gain access to Pegasus Knight

  • Journeymen gain access to Brigand

  • Pupil’s gain access to Monk

  • Fighter’s gain access to Berzerker

  • Brigand’s gain access to Hero

  • Pirate’s gain access to Hero

  • Monk’s gain access to MK

  • Priest’s gain access to MK

  • Cleric’s gain access to MK

  • Pegasus Knight’s gain access to WL

  • Troubadour’s gain access to Sage

  • Soldier’s gain access to General

The magic classes are a bit screwed with a lotta weapon drop’s but there’s nothing I could’ve really done about that but other then that I’m pretty happy with this patch and probably wont be updating it that much hopefully.

Skill systems will be coming after this I wanna get it done by the end of the weekend but hard time limits are my kryptonite so ill just go on and say till be out whenever its ready.


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Question what kind of animations are you gonna implement into theses units?


All the animations I used are in the Credits with the patch

Haven’t changed

F Zerker uses a armored reskin by eCut
M Zerker is unchanged

F Hero uses a reskin by St.Jack
M Hero is unchanged

Halbrediers use custom anims made by TBA (M)

and reskinned by Black Mage (F)

All of these anims are on the repo


So I heard that you also had a Skill-System version planned, but for now, can I just use the current hack then apply Skill System manually on it?

Ok then thanks for the reply.

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Of course this isn’t my hack just a base for people to use so you don’t need my permission to make any changes whether that be adding patches or anims or whatever


Working on Skill Systems patch atm but I thought id give ya’ll a little sneak peak into some of the changes I’ve made so far and hopefully it’ll give you some insight into how I’m balancing SS. These changes aren’t set in stone and are being changed constantly.

(Also gonna take the time to mention there will also be a Skill systems and 3-Way promo patch along with there own separate patches I just completely forgot to mention that and I didn’t know where else to put it .)

Thief Line

Thief: Class skill Steal
Lvl 5: Despoil
Lvl 10: Acrobat

Thief has Steal as a class skill so they can drop it later if they change classes. Wouldn’t want a Swordmaster with steal now would we? Maybe we do actually that sounds kinda cool. I didn’t really know what else to give them so I just slapped on despoil and Acrobat. I didnt want to give them any actual offensive skills i wanted to save that solely for Assassin.

Assassin: Class Skill Lethality
Lvl 1: Steal
Lvl 5: Assassinate

Assassinate seems cool and not only does it fit thematically it may also fix assassins lack of any actual damage. I was going to throw life and death in there instead but I’m not too sure abt it. Also they re lean steal too.

Rogue Class Skill: Lock touch
Lvl 1: Steal+
Lvl 5: Shade

While base steal allows you to only steal items Steal+ allows you to unequipped weapons which makes sense for a Master of theft. I was having trouble thinking about what their second skill should be though. I’ve thought about shade and or pass but those , Darting stance also makes sense. We could be a bit out there and go for Dazzle or even Vantage+ but again I want to keep the offence all on Assassin. IDK might be something ill need to feel around with during playtesting.


Lvl 1: Lumina
Lvl 5: Holy Aura
Lvl 10: Bookfaire
pretty much every class that has only one attacking weapon will only have a Faire skill (All the magic classes, Snipers, Halbs, maybe zerkers and Swordmasters but they’re kinda offset by their crit but who knows.) also Lumina just in case you promo into a class that doesn’t have light magic if you don’t it can just be replaced as needed. Same thing goes for Shamans with Shadowgift btw.

I haven’t had the time to mess around with this hack as much as I wanted to admittedly thanks to school and stuff but whenever I do get a bit of time I try to get a little something dine here and there. And hopefully this is enough to show that I haven’t just abandoned this patch.



Wow how she losses her horse upon promotion.

She gave her horse to Saleh and he taught her both anima and light magic at the same time in exchange.