[FE8] "P-0337: REX6" [COMPLETED] (Discord available)

But my main problem, for now, is finishing RE6. jajaja
But we have up to chapter 12x. When this Beta version is completely tested I’ll launch a new patch OFFICIAL [v1.1.0].
By the way, the Beta updates will be the next:

[v2.32.0] Alliance Lycia and Western Isles (Ch. 1 - Ch. 12x)

[v3.57.0] Desert and Etruria (Ch. 13 - Ch. 16x)

[v4.71.0] Sacae (Ch. 17 - Ch. 20x)

[v5.84.0] Illia (Ch. 17 - Ch. 20x)

[v6.100.0] Bern (Ch. 21 - FINAL)

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cool,looking forward to it.also no offense but you might wanna add another f in the offical :sweat_smile: also played so far and had a neat experience.

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Thanks for mark it


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Some, but not all. You know, how works for the FE7 Community Edit, I’ll do something similar

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oh that’s neat.

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Change of plans, we’ll launch the first release when we complete the chapter 16x this is the most probable.

What is happening here?
I did it only try to get all characters but now is a little strange. (This no won’t stay for the final version, it was possible with the debugger options of FEB)

Ok gente, lanzamos la versión más reciente en el servidor de Discord, la versión “Beta 3.57.0”, que está esperando ser probada por nuestros evaluadores.

Esta nueva versión incluye todos los capítulos hasta “16x: Pinnacle of the Light”, con más cosas.

Por ahora tenemos algunos reportes y ahora estamos trabajando en la próxima actualización “Bv3.57.1” resolviendo todos los reportes hasta el momento.

Finalmente, hace unos días envié al servidor de discord la Beta 3.57.1.
Con errores corregidos y un guión de diálogo comprobado. Cuando esté completamente listo se lanzará la nueva versión.

25/Aug /2022
Hace tiempo logré replicar el glitch para robar piedras de dragón.

Vine rápido a anunciar que lancé en Discord server la nueva beta 4.71 que solo agrega los capítulos de la ruta de Sacae

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Today is 06/Jan/2023 and I come here to show you my new public version. This version is complete from chapter 1 up to chapter 20x of Sacae Route. This includes a traversable world map (nodes and roads), gaiden chapters working, besides little but little changes with some characters (for example Celica now is a Mage Knight and Saul now is a Monk). See this hack like a recreation 99%. the file can find it in the first post in the link’s section using the name “official”, the file is my beta more recent 4.71.E. Feel free to report any problem with this.
NOTE: Don’t try to play this in NO$GBA, somebody else tried it before, and occurred a lot of errors and the screen froze. Well, you are warn.


Great project, I’ll be watching the progress, thanks for your contributions to the community

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I feel honored your first message was on this theme, I want to know how was your experience with this can you tell me it?

The Arena theme is wrong, it plays the Arena Entrance theme instead

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Does only that problem appear?

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Yes, the rest of the game is fine.

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Ok, I guess is fixed. Try this:


Edit 26/May/'23

Some days ago I published in Discord the most recent patch version 5.84.0 where I added Illia’s route which means the game is complete from Chapter 1 up to Chapter 20x in both routes (Sace and Illia) if you want to test join to Discord (link in the first post)


Hey, we have a big update, check the first post for more info, and if you are looking the patch is on the Discord Server (link in the first post)


Looks promising. Gonna try out this hack. Hopefully it looks better than the Binding Blade Remake that’s released on the same engine.


Officially since this week, I’ve started to work with the Lunatic Mode and a fresh version was launched on the Discord server with the recent changes


I did some experiments

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Where the link? I want to try this heheh

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For now, the patches are exclusive to the Discord server, because I have yet to add a pair of features

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