[FE8] New Devil Effect

So, Skitty and I were pondering ideas to make the devil axe less stupidly annoying but still a detriment to use, and then we struck gold! I’d like to request a feature that makes the unit with the devil axe equipped lose 1 Max HP for every initiated battle that unit is in, whether the player or the enemy initiates it.

Note: I said -MAX- HP. I’m not sure if this is doable, but if it is, I’d love to use it.

Note that this would kill whatever calculation involving LUK is currently used.

EDit: And maybe a second request…

I’d like to make a “Devil Robe” similar to a troll item Arch had, only it works by subtracting -3 HP, and giving +1 to any uncapped stat, including HP. So you could get -3 HP +1 STR, -3 HP +1 CON, and even -2 HP (Because the boost went to HP)

It also might not be doable, idk, but I’d like to get the effect working, maybe hardcode it to an item slot.

Start of Battle or End of Battle? Or every time you attack with it?

Every time you attack with it, and the effect could take effect at battle start, yeah. Mainly only interested in having your max HP be reduced every single battle, so it’s a big cost every time.

Also makes a nice thematic clash between Angelic Robe and Devil Axe


The Devil Robe ideally would be unlimited uses. You can use it all you want, but you’re losing Max HP every single time in exchange for only +1 stat point. (And it wouldn’t boost MOV but it would ideally boost CON rarely).

Edit: I just realized what you were saying and how my response wasn’t even remotely close. XD

An item like that (intended to be used multiple times) would need a check to be sure you aren’t spamming it and sending characters to negative (infinite) HP. If the current HP is < 3, using your item would break the game on the map. If you just spam it until HP can be reduced no further you’ve just created a glass cannon. I’m not sure how plausible an item like that is outside of EN’s structure, in a game with unit progression.

And the Devil Axe penalty strikes me as a bit odd. Earlygame it just isn’t going to be used; the penalty of losing max HP is too steep early on, and later in the game there’ll be more reliable offensive options (without penalties). It’s effectually no different from why you don’t use the regular Devil Axe in the first place.

So we include a check that you can’t use it at 3 or less HP. If the player wants to use it that much, they should feel free. Maybe they like having characters as weak as Phantoms running around! As for the Devil Axe, it’d obviously stop reducing max HP once you hit 1 HP, meaning if a Phantom has a Devil Axe, it won’t die after the first battle.

I think I can find ways to incentivize using the devil axe over not using it. If it no longer has the chance to instant kill you but instead slowly lt weakens a critical stat, I think people will use it more often than you think.

that seems reasonable enough to pull off
I’d look at it but I’m working on skills atm
I’m sure Venno or CC or someone could do it easily though

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I’ve been digging around in the code and it turns out both of these are actually pretty easy to pull off if you still want them

Well. I mean, I could but 3 is all I need. It could be very helpful if in the future I decided to put out a second seal-variant of FE8CM, but other than that, I’d have no use for it myself. I’m sure others would appreciate it though, like maybe @AlfredKamon? I think he’s planning a postgame for his hack, he might find it useful.

well I literally just found a way to decrease stats in battle and on the battlefield so I guess that’s good

Wait, for some reason I posted and thought this was the topic about more than three promotions. I still need the devil alterations, if possible.

Yeah it shouldn’t be too bad

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Okay, so, the devil weapon effect (-1 Max HP every attack, can’t be used if HP is at 1 already) is a go?

And what about the Devil Robe? Infinite uses, randomly boosts any stat (Including HP) by +1, but always reduces HP by -3? Also, it can’t be used if the unit is below 4 HP. Also doable?

Anything is doable but those 2 things are relatively simple. Should I be expecting compensation or is this a freebee?

I currently owe Yeti $250, Primefusion $400 (Actually $450 for interest) and I owe my landlord $400 for a deposit I’m paying off. If you want compensation, it’ll have to be after I’ve filled my prior obligations. Otherwise, how’s 30 sound?

Given the amount of money you owe, I think @Brendor can let this small request slide ahaha.

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I’m willing to bet money that nobody has paid more cash in this fandom for favors than me, and I’m sinking in debt. If only my fucking job would give me more than 12 hours a week, I might even be able to pay this horseshit off.

If you’re strapped for cash, I could accept something else like sprites or something.

I know this isn’t my business but

Klok doesn’t sprite, so he’d need to pay for someone for that anyway.

It kind of sounds like you’re trying to swindle klok up into putting in more effort on his side than yours.
because I’m assuming that getting someone to make a quality sprite for someone else requires more hours than what you’re doing for him, after you said the procedure was relatively simple.

idk, sounds a bit unfair :\