[FE8] Negative Stat Boost Display Fix

So I have a current project where one of the things I’m doing is rebalancing the weapons because I’m removing durability. Silver weapons get a debuff but unlike the lame Fates debuff what I’m doing is to disallow silvers from critting and to give a -4 Def/Res debuff when wielded.

Here’s Seth when wielding a non-Silver weapon for reference

Here’s Seth using a non-debuffed Silver weapon as control. As you can see the Brigand will only deal 3 damage if he hits.

Here’s Seth using the debuffed Silver weapon. As you can see the Brigand will deal 7 damage if he hits, which means the debuff works.

Here’s what Seth looks like when he wields said Silver Lance. The -4 Def/Res debuff WORKS, but the display is wonky and displays the wrong info.

Anything I should do to maybe fix this?

there’s no native support for stat reductions displaying because this isn’t a feature of the original; however I’m sure @circleseverywhere knows something about this

Yep here’s a fix

Installer (patch with event assembler)

dmp 1

dmp 2


Thanks a lot!

Is there any way we could get a FE7 Version for it? I’d like to use a Fates style item system as well.

Here’s the source code. It’s probably easy to port to FE7 since they work basically the same.




Can this used on FE8J?