Fe8 more character slots

I have a very simple question. Is there a patch that allocates more space for the characters table?
I don’t want to use the alreay existent slots as I want to keep default FE8 intact. Basically - is there a way to add more characters to FE8 without deletiing the existent ones?

For as far as I know, there is no patch that does this. In my rom hack I solved the issue of character slots, by replacing characters named “enemy” with new ones.

The issue is that I don’t want to do it as I want to leave vanilla FE8 intact and just add more character for the player to play with.

I see. The only thing that comes too mind right now, is making use of the extra units that you would normally unlock after completing the tower of valni. They are unique units and are not “Enemy” units.

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Might work. I’ll see, maybe there’s some unused data.

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Literally every “Enemy” slot in FE8 is unused.

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Not quite. One of the ones near the end (0xFD, I believe) is used in arena stuff.

The others are still unused, though.

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Then I have my answer. Thank you. <3