[FE8] MogallFE

Have you ever wanted to play FE8 with every non-monster class replaced by a Mogall? Probably not, but here it is. Currently working on something a bit bigger than this that I hope to get out a proof of concept of eventually tm


  • uses the skills patch by circleseverywhere

  • Every class is a mogall version of itself - ex. Mogalliers, Mogalladins, and Mogasus Knights (not to be confused with Moge Knights)

  • Summoners summon mogalls

  • evil and crimson eyes here and there

Known Issues:

  • Civilians are still human, for the mogalls do not associate with weaklings

  • Summons cannot infinitely divide




this is the most appropriate use of :eyes: that i’ve ever seen


now all you need is mogall animations of them performing every action for every mogallized class (preferably with little hats)


Gives me an idea about flipping the script; you play monsters vs regular classes. Has anyone done that yet?

The closest thing would likely be an old FE8 hack called Fire Emblem Monster Quest.

All of the playable units are monsters, though I don’t think enemy monster units were changed into human units if I remember correctly. Been a hot minute since I’ve played it.

Ah neat.

Thanks for the quick answer!