[FE8] Modifying the pre-prologue world map event

I’m trying to figure out how to change the very first scene in FE8 so it doesn’t seem as out of place in my hack (highlighting parts of Magvel, soldiers moving from Grado to Renais, you know, basically that whole entire thing). The script that comes with EA that disassembles the world map events doesn’t seem to include this one when it disassembles all the chapter events (it looks like it’s doing everything from after you finish the prologue onward).

I’m at a bit of a loss here, and while it’s not hindering progress on the hack, it’s certainly being a bit of a personal annoyance for me.

Use the script found here. That gives you all the premap scenes I believe. If it’s not that one, then it’s one of the scripts in that thread.

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Dunno how I missed that…

So it disassembled to this:

I’m not entirely sure what to do with this, just delete EVBIT_MODIFY 0x1 and ENUT 0x89?

apparently not because it’s still running the event

Huh that’s odd. Are you sure that the world map events that come with that script aren’t responsible for managing those events? Because looking at the code I have for the prologue’s other world map events, it is loading portraits and such.

Not really no, I just used that script from that thread and found the file named “Prologue” that was spit out, not entirely sure if I missed anything.

I think for the prologue, you need to use the prologue file output by that script to edit world map pre chapter events, while all other chapters use the output of the script I linked you too.

Yup that was it, thanks!