[FE8] Modding Questions using FEBuilder (stat data, text choice, ASM)

I am relatively new to modding Fire Emblem - have dabbled with it over the years - and have decided to create a Fire Emblem modded game using FE Builder and FE8. I have a couple of modding questions. Thanks for any help and pointers in advance.

1. How to you create two characters that share the same stats data? In FE7 there were characters that shared the same stats even though they were registered under different character IDs. Examples include Ninian and Nils or Lyn (tutorial) and Lyn. How would I go about creating this setup for an FE8 mod?

2. How do you create a choice dialog box? Ex. “Do you want to travel with Ephraim or Eirika?” or “Do you want to search for Ninian’s Ring?” I tried looking through the events in FEBuilder and did not see this one.

3. What is the process for loading in ASM scripts? Is there a tutorial on this somewhere? I tried loading in a script to make the FE8 titles use text and not images as I figured that would be relatively simple. After loading in the script, I couldn’t get to the title screen without the game resetting. Do I need to make sure I add this to a specific offset or freespace?

  1. This works exactly the same in FE8 as it would in FE7. Just have two different character IDs with the same stats. Just have them have the same data in the character table.
  2. I found this to be very helpful and easy. This assumes you know Event Assembler, so I don’t know how it would work with FEB.
  3. This is an ASM guide that I think is one of the best around, and it should give you some background and the information you need. Again, this assumes EA format.

I think he’s asking how to make their stats carry over?

Oh I see. Like how Ninian and Nils always will have the same stats. I can almost guarantee you that that would require ASM. It wouldn’t have to be complicated, but it would take ASM.

Question 2 was answered in an older topic:


The magnifying glass (searches all the things) in the top right of the page is one of your best friends around here :smiley:

Happy hacking!

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  1. How to you create two characters that share the same stats data?

There is no way for now.
Probably you will need to write ASM.

In theory, it can be realized by swapping the RAM Unit structure.
If it is enough, it will not be too difficult.
We need to investigate how they are implemented in FE 7.

It will work even if you dynamically change the value of a class with Dismount Patch, so the same thing can be said about UnitID.
However, since UnitID also affects the gMap structure, it may take a bit more effort.

  1. How do you create a choice dialog box?

Please use the “Add Event: Split Menu” patch.

Appropriate instructions for this patch will be added.

Add an instruction and later secure an area and create a branch menu.
What kind of menu was chosen will be returned to MemorySlotC.

Please make a legal order.

Since branch instructions are troublesome, please right click on the event editor and call up the template.
Commonly used instructions are registered as templates.
Please look at an example of a branch instruction from here and imitate it.

If you do not understand, please send me a message with a discord.
We will give you a sample that actually works.
FEU can not attach zip.

  1. What is the process for loading in ASM scripts?

Menu → Open → Insert ASM

Please compile (assemble) ASM from here.
Alternatively, you can also install to a specific area at the same time.

However, if multiple ASM modules are required rather than a single ASM,
It might be easier for EA and those who made BIN Patch format.
Please post if you have a nice patch.

To call the ASM function from the event script, issue the “ASMC” instruction.
With FEBuilderGBA, you can also set arguments to the ASMC surplus byte.
For details, see the implementation of existing patches.

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If it’s okay with text choices, that’s the easiest realization.
It can be easily realized only with text and branch instructions.

If you want to put out a dialog box or want to set multiple choices,
There is a complicated branch using CallMenu.

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I have created Unit_Take_Over Patch.
Please update FEBuilderGBA to the latest version.

This will take over like Nils and Ninian in FE 7.

When this patch is used, a new instruction is added to the event command,
The unit inherits the status, support, item, weapon LV of “target unit”.

If you remove the unit from the party after handover has taken place, you will have replaced the unit.

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I wanted to thank everyone here for all the help to my questions. It’s cool to know how passionate and helpful the Fire Emblem modding community is.

Honestly, I will most likely start with the ASM tutorial as I am still new to the concept. Then I will tackle the smaller task of converting the title images to text and then build from there.

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