[FE8] Map TSA Anime of FE7's Limstella style big Lightning and adaptable to any other DIY animations

Download here

On reference of previous reserach, now I have come up with ideas DIY the map TSA animation freely.
Just include such files:

#include "TsaAnime/TsaAnime.event"
#include "TsaAnime_Lightning/TsaAnime_Lightning.event"

Then use the following command of event code:

SVAL 0xB 0x00070007 // xxxx-yyyy
ASMC EventStartAnime|1

After that, you will get a FE7 style lightning anime on the map:

You can also call for lightning by event caller or function void StartTsaAnime(Proc* proc, TsaAnime AnimeSet[],TsaAnimeInfo*, s8 x, s8 y); , which is defined in file TsaAnime\src\TsaAnimeCore.h .

For example, use it in my own AOE attack:

No tutorial for DIY animes,my apologies. If you want to do DIY, you need to use FEB to import TSA animes, and obtain the compressed animation, Palette and TSA addresses respectively
(for now, I have no better idea :frowning: ). Then set the AnimeSet and AnimeInfo just like how it defined in TsaAnime_Lightning.event


One effort to draw gfx as a background cg is at here: MokhaLeee/Diy-Bg-Gfx-Prot (github.com)

There are detailed tutorials in the readme. I hope to be able to merge the picture with the existing background as before.
You are welcome to continue my research.