FE8 Lunatic Plus

This Hack is not really meant to be taken seriously, but if you want to, feel free to leave some feedback.

This hack includes:
Blahmasters route split (learn more about that here: It's here, the Route Split! Let's Play Sacred Stones Lunatic Mode - YouTube )
Increase enemy growths
Strength magic split
A highly overtuned boss in lagdou.
Mage knights can use swords!
Amelia is good in general (this time.)
Very much not balanced gameplay on the final maps.

Download link: FE8 Lunatic+.ups - Google Drive

Credits: Blahmaster for the route split base.
Mekkah for bringing it to my attention.
Magehero on feuniverse ( he makes pmes, check him out.) For a custom portrait and pallete.
PH and Dsnoon for indirectly helping me learn the Eventing I needed for Lagdou 10.
7743 for febuildergba.
Circleseverywhere for skillsystems.
rexacuse, leo link,
obsidian daddy,
St Jack, TBA, Flausban, Sax-Marine
tamborinno for the it has to be this way track.
Cant find who made the megalomania track, downloaded off of a now defunct site on an old computer a year ago.
map sprites by unknown and TAS20xx.
item icons by:
impale skill effect by Mikey_Seregon
magic effects by:
Yangfly Master
N426 as another portrait Contributer.
Dsnoon for a pallete.

Hopefully thats everyone!

Let me know if you beat The true Final Boss!
Good luck!


Site policy is to credit specific creators for assets used, not just “the repo.”

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gotcha. ill edit that in a sec.

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I know you said this isn’t meant to be taken seriously, but like…did you test this?

Just asking cause what Mekkah’s been doing doesn’t have the skill system shoved in it, you know.

Although on second thought, shoving skills in ways that are questionable is definitely FE13 Lunatic+ so.

that was the joke, yes. I mostly made this for me.
also, if you are wondering about ross and amelia, they lose the buffed growths when they promote.

To be quite honest, this isn’t very tested at all, currently on phantom ship as we speak.
but i thought i would make fun of lunatic plus as the basis, and then just mess around with FEbuilder for the rest. the boss at the bottom of lagdou is almost certainly not beatable without deaths.
I also replaced a character as a way to poke fun at an old fe6 rebalance patch that replaced a character, and the first comment that replied to it.

I currently have 6 Resets on phantom ship, and not because of skillsystems.

but the long and short of it is that no, its not meant to be balanced.
also, this is my first hack that doesn’t just use nightmare modules.

Leadership makes hitrates overall slightly more consistent.
So this really is just a hack for fun. so far, its not too terrible, so long as you don’t try to do it deathless.
if skillsystems is turning you off of the hack, than I understand, as a lot of people dislike Awakening lunatic + because of skills, but this hack doesn’t
skill spam, it gives some bosses extra skills. Lyon, for example, might have a slightly painful set of skills. but for regular enemies, its pretty much just locked to classes.
knights have short shield (enemy only)
generals have a okay set of skills.
Ameillia’s unique promotion has skillspam, but it is used by the lagdou ruins boss.

Female swordmasters have resolve, but only on hard mode.

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… is the lagdou ruins boss GhebFE!Amelia…

As funny as that would be, no.
and no, its not SSJ Gheb either.

thank god it’s not SSJ Gheb
Punished Amelia would at least be kind of humorous but the joke around Gheb himself is worn out and was never good in the first place

I still enjoy gheb memes. but that might be because I was late to the party.

Hello Blahmaster, thank you for the great hack, I am really enjoying it. I have encountered a problem in the hack, with the new patch, Eirika is somehow turned into a Merlinus tent who cannot be deployed or even act at all if the new patch is installed in the middle of the map. If you know a fix for this please let me know! Thank you again for the great hack I really love it

i think you Are mistaken, as I am not blahmaster, the orginal hack was created by him. this is merely a fork. also, most hacks are not meant to be patched while keeping an old save file.

this patch uses skillsystems, and was based on yune, which for some reason copy’s erika and ephriams class to unused classes and loads them there for some reason. therefore, this hack, and its predecessor are not compatible save wise to the orignal game.
also, please try not to put multiple patches on one another.

Thank you so much for the reply, you are correct, I downloaded a fresh rom and applied the newest patch and started a new save and now it is working perfectly fine.

If you were the one who made the route split this is genius!! I am having so much fun thank you so much for your help!

I did not make the route split it was blahmaster.
you can find the orignal hack in a link in mekkahs videos.

I am also working on a hack myself using the route split that blahmaster did for lunatic mode, I actually restarted my old rom hack development because I got reinspired after so long because of what happened during 2020 and my mental health being at its lowest since the early 2010s. And while it takes a different approach to making the game harder by the sounds of it I think I will keep an eye out for more on this even if nothing else is done to change this.

thanks for paying attention to this hack. I’ll tell you In advance, that this is my first hack I’ve actually posted anywhere. feel free to open this up with febuilder and see the lagdou 10th floor fight. not going to ever update this though.

fair enough, I just made this account because it seems that the FE community has been more active here and I actually hadn’t been active in any parts of the community for a very long time before this year and planned to redo a lot on my old difficulty hack that I posted back on Serenes Forrest. I saw that there may have been something done with the same name on here so if that got finished I will respectfully change my hacks name since mine never did. I will look into this later to see what you did when I get the chance. I hope you continue working on other stuff for new hacks.

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