FE8 JUMP code

Is there an equivalent of JUMP for FE8? I need to go to another part of the event but not return when finished. And is not in the event assembler 11.0.1 raws folder.

Fire Emblem 8 works kind of different, check in Language Raws\Conditional, there should be a GOTO code there somewhere

Unlike FE7 where there are both JUMP and CALL commands, CALL letting you return from the event you specify and JUMP not letting you return, FE8 gets rid of JUMP in favor of a different system; if the event you CALL ends with ENDA, then it will return to where you CALLed it from and continue. However, if it ends with ENDB it will not return and the event will exit right there. Additionally, despite sharing its name with the code in FE7 that ends an event and takes you to the prep screen, ENDB does not have that functionality in FE8 because as with a lot of EA standardizations decisions were made for FE8 things to look or act more like FE7, even at the cost of becoming counterintuitive or losing potential functionality (looking at you, GotoPrepScreen). Calling the prep screen in FE8 is done with an event macro CALL $591FD8, or if you don’t want any events to transpire after the prep screen, the stdlib macro GotoPrepScreen.

You can also just use a turn event on turn 1 player phase, to have it run right after prep screen.

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