[FE8] Is it possible to make Magic Swords able to crit?

I’m making a hack for the r/fireemblem community, and I’d like to make it so 1/2 Range Bows and Swords are better. In this case, not only am I lowering weapon ranks for the Wind Sword, but I am also looking to allow crits from them at range. It’d be even better if I could keep the Runesword’s crit disabled (and disable Nosferatu’s, too).

TIL Magic Swords can’t crit.

I feel like… maybe it’s just a byte in Nightmare that makes it so that it can’t crit?

There’s assembly code (at least in FE7) that only applies to the three item numbers for the magic swords for the Can’t Crit, Use Half Strength, etc. properties, so I don’t think it’s a byte changable in Nightmare.

Hextator gave me some of the “functions” in straight assembly way back in the day for FE7 - I can copy/paste here if they’re worth archiving? (Unfortunately, he didn’t give me the portions that assigned the magic types (at range 2 for Wind Sword and Light Brand, at both for Runesword)…)

oh, well I’m pretty sure if you make a new weapon it won’t have criticals disabled

I’m not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but have you tried changing the item type for magic swords to 0x01?

Normally they’re 0x41, which means they’re a “regular” weapon and have a special 0x40 property. Tomes use 0x03, so if you want them to target Res still then use that; if not, go for 0x01.

Search FEU for Charting the Battle Stat Computations. There should be somewhere that says “sets crit to 0 if magic weapon at 2 range” or something.

@AelphysTerra That would probably work. Though they’d also stop hitting Res at 2 range, Def at 1 range.

I’ll try that.

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