[FE8] Iron Rune effect on weapon: Only when equipped

I request a small ASM tweak. The iron rune effect in FE6/7/8 apparently is an “in inventory” effect, and I’d like it, when attached to weapons and tomes, to only negate criticals when the weapon/tome is equipped. If the item type is “Item” then it would function normally.


Yes pls.


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Yes, but please.


Might as well see if this can be extrapolated to other items that act similarly (Silver Card, Member Card, Fili Shield, whatever other ones there are) as well.

this would be nice for Bronze weapons!

The silver/member card don’t make sense as they have no battle function, but the fili shield does!

While we’re at it, what about an item that has the Fuijin Yumi’s effect? The concept and use is similar to the ones requested in this topic.


@Tequila you’ve done this right?

I’ve done the bronze effect for FE8. I’ll release it sometime, but not quite yet (within a few months)

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Yes, but if some other creator, two years from now, wants to make it so that you have to have a specific item equipped (and not just in the inventory) to get in to a Secret Shop or to get a 50% discount (or, heck, maybe even both if it’s a “secret” weapon), if the functionality’s easy enough, we should make that an available option to them.


That’s a reasonable idea.

FE8-Modified Crit Stuff

From the Readme:

This hack consists of two parts.
The first part makes weapons with 255 (0xFF) crit unable to crit. They will display – on the Equipment tab of the Inventory page and while using the R-button examine.
The second part modifies items with the Negate Criticals ability (0x80 in Weapon Ability 2) so that anything that is not an item with that effect only activates if equipped. For example, if you give an iron axe this ability, and Garcia has it in his inventory but is wielding a hand axe, the crit negation will not take effect. Likewise, if you trade that axe to someone who cannot wield axes, nothing will happen.

NOTE: Stone (item 0xB5) used to be hardcoded to show 0 crit, but I hijacked that space to branch to my new routine. Unless you set its crit to 255, it will have a displayed crit (which will do a grand total of absolutely nothing, although I suppose it’d be amusing to see).

The Silver Card and Member Card, as far as I can remember, work via item ID. If you have something specific in mind, I might be able to rustle something up.
In regards to the Fili Shield, I’m working on a rework for that, to be released in the next couple of days.

Done this, will post tomorrow. Too tired atm.


fukkin saved

Wow that will be useful for a rebalancing FE8 hack I’m making lol.

As promised, here you go.


And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call robust code.

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