[FE8] Intro images

Someone find where the images used in the pre-game intro are loaded. @Venno, possibly?

Not sure how to go about this beside GBAGE. I thought maybe look at the images displayed pixel by pixel and try to reverse that into data and search for that? Checking writes to the graphics data would be too difficult to trace, I feel.

I recall coming across the mug images that flash by somewhere in GBAGE. I can’t tell you specifically where so I may as well have said nothing except for the fact that it tells us that there really isn’t anything special about those graphics…

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Yeah I found those mugs too some time ago.
But I couldn’t find the full body shots anywhere in GBAGE…
We’re trying to change the images loaded in the intro animation anyway, not the way they’re loaded. Should be doable as long as we know where those graphics are stored, I suppose…

So ac1c8c starts the long list of palettes comprising Ephraim, and acc3e0 that of Joshua. The class list is as follows:
followed by the evil eyes animation thing.

I have reason to believe that the series of images in GBAGE starting at offset abb14c, compressed, are the full body portraits on the opening class roll, albeit muddled unrecognizably by TSA…

Compressed ABC074 TSA for Ephraim!!!

So it seems like in each case the TSA is immediately after the 01F0… chain of blank graphical data comprising the end of the image itself. For example, blurry!Ephraim is located at ABD348, with palette at AC1C8C, and TSA at ABE120 (compressed).

ABE304: another blurry Ephraim
image ABF168/palette AC1C8C/TSA AC1878: Half-body Ephraim
Note that the funny-looking lines that is usually an “image” immediately after a real image is usually GBAGE mistakenly recognizing the TSA from the previous image as an “image” itself.


Oh myyyy! :slight_smile:
This will be so useful, thank you so much @jjl2357!!