(Fe8) How to edit trainee classes

#1 How do I change a class and make it a trainee class?
#2 how do I handle auto promotion?
#3 how do I handle the multiple tiers?
(I’m trying to make citizen into a trainee class)

what are you using to edit the game?


im not really familiar with rom hacking/editing etc but i think you can do it with nightmare with the class and character editor

To make a class a trainee class, you need to set the 5th bit in its Ability 3 byte to 1. In FEBuilder, this is done by checking the “Max Level 10” box for the class. You need to configure that class’ possible promotions as well, which is done in the Promotion Branches editor in FEB. Using the example of Ameila’s base class, your promotion branch should look something like this:

Once you have these set your unit should, upon entering the battle preparations screen at level 10, be prompted to promote to their first two classes, from which they can then promote to their next two. If you want multiple tiers of trainees you’ll have to mess with their promotions separately. If you’re unsure of how to do something, use how vanilla handles the 3 trainee classes it has as an example of how to do it yourself.

If you are going to increase apprenticeship units, serifs at the time of Promotion will be a problem.
The function handling their dialogue is FE8U: 080CD7FC.
This routine appears to branch with Unit ID.

080CD80C 2812   cmp r0, #0x12  //if (id == 0x12 (Amelia) )
080CD80E D007   beq #0x80cd820
    080CD810 2812   cmp r0, #0x12   //if (id <= 0x12 (Amelia) ) Probably ID 0x09 Ross branch
    080CD812 DD09   ble #0x80cd828
        080CD814 2818   cmp r0, #0x18 //if (id == 0x18 (Ewan) )
        080CD816 D005   beq #0x80cd824
            080CD818 E006   b 0x80cd828   //Other than that,  ID 0x09 Ross  

If you want more than three people to appear, you will have to rewrite this function.
Or would you use Ross’s lines as a generic line of speech.