[FE8] How is the Eirika / Ephraim route split set up?

Really, there are a few key things I want to know here.

Firstly, how and where does the game store which route you’re currently on? I’d imagine it would at least need some way of knowing which of the two ending lists to draw from.

Secondly, is it possible to control which route the player is currently on through means other than the interlude where it’s changed in the vanilla game? I’d like to do a route split through an actual gameplay choice—i.e. how the player clears a chapter with multiple potential completion parameters; think how Pirate Ship in FE7 can be cleared by either holding out for 11 turns or killing Zoldam—but if that’s not possible, I’d like to know now so I can plan things around the route split being handled through a repurposed interlude.

As always, any help is appreciated!

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The game stores the event address in the mystical land known as Castle Frelia. I don’t remember too much about it.

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Way I did route splits was simple. Defeat Boss or Visit Village. Doing either trigerrs a global flag for the respective event. Then it calls a chapter end event. I either use two different events depending on how vastly different the dialouge will be, or just use one and select a template for branching choices.
And then at the end of the event, depending on what global flag is on you go to map A or map B.


It is possible to set the route via simple events with a patch in builder (iirc the way the base game does it is a bit of a mess).


It only stores what game mode you’re in. “Tutorial”, “Eirika”, or “Ephraim”. This only determines who has access to seize / supply from what I know.

Febuilder has a patch to swap the above modes.

The main stuff you need to know is to do with unit state (0xC). All player units always exist once they’ve been LOAD+ENUN’d. But they won’t appear on the map if they’re HIDE+UNDEPLOYED, or HIDE+ESCAPED, for example.

To have them not appear in the party, they are given these three states: HIDE+ESCAPED+TEQUILA’S CAPTURE. (Febuilder’s naming of them, lol.) These three also have a dedicated command called REMU. You use REMU on a char and they seemingly are disappeared from your party until you reveal them later.

That’s all you need to do for swapping parties. Use REMU on the ones that are disappearing and REVEAL on the others. There are also patches to set a unit’s state (eg. UNCM, set unit status).

If you have overlap between your events, you might want to make use of ENDB. When you call an event with ENDB, it stops running all events. So if you wanted the seize point to branch, you’d just conditionally call a separate event with ENDB on each branch. If you need any help with this part feel free to ask.


Oh, I’m not trying to do something like Gaiden or Radiant Dawn where you switch between multiple parties; sorry if that was unclear, though that is all useful information!

Really I just want to know if it’s possible to do something that works like the route/story splits in vanilla Sacred Stones, Fates, Three Houses, etc. that makes use of the “game mode” flag and alternate character ending pointer list, but that’s selected through a choice the player would make in gameplay while playing a map rather than a purely text-based menu choice like how it’s handled in… really all of the official examples I gave.

Basically, are there standard event codes, either in the vanilla game or available via patch, that can edit the current state of the “game mode” flag? Or is that something you can only change by way of either ASM or calling the interlude events where you’d pick which Lord to follow in the vanilla game?

I repeat that there is a patch to set the route via events very easily.

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Ah, yes. Right.

Don’t know what I was thinking when I first read that that I didn’t consider it an answer.

Thanks! That’s quite literally exactly what I need!

EDIT: You’re referring to the “Add Event: Change Edition” patch, correct? That one’s description seems to refer to adding functionality for having an event change the current route flag.

That’s right.

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Gotcha! Thank you!

So, I moved the route split to a gaiden chapter’s end events and uhhhh…

The game puts my main gal where Renais Castle used to be, therefore separating her entirely from the road network.

The nodes for both choices show up despite picking either choice

What am I missing? I installed the patch and everything and still stuck with this…