[FE8] HoloEmblem: The Search for Seiso

I genuinely never expected to have a HoloMember know about S4S. Pretty neat!


Wow congrats!! That’s pretty cooooooooool dude

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Thanks man :slight_smile:

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Reaaaaally looking forward to this. I’m so glad I came across the teaser on youtube!

Looks like so much fun

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Thank you, I genuinely hope I can deliver! And welcome to FEU!

My two obsessions rolled into one? SIGN ME UP!

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I just found out about this project.
I wish you the best on the last sprint towards release!
I’m looking forward to seeing the result of all your hard work for the last 2 years.

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Updated some screenshots! Things are starting to go a bit slower, but i’ll do my best to get everything finished and released soon


Kronii looking like the final boss. Which is upsetting for me because Kronii is the best.
At least Calli will be playable early…. Right?

Personally, i think Kronii is acting as a guardian and the real final boss will be whatever is hidden behind the sands of time.

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