[FE8] Has anyone run into this bug with breaking the HP cap?

Essentially, when a unit’s HP is over 60 and you save/restart a chapter from the preparation’s screen (and only the preparations screen), their HP gets heavily subtracted.

When suspending in chapter or when going from chapter to chapter where there is no preparation’s screen, there is no issue.

Anyone have any idea which stat checking routing might be causing this?

I use my own custom HP cap breaking routine for reference. It allows for custom HP caps and lets units successfully get over 60 HP. I can give more information on this if needed, but it essentially edits all the routines that normally check for your HP.

Had a bit more time to look into the bug more.

It occurs in vanilla versions of FE8, even if the only thing you’re doing to change the FE8 Max HP formula is what’s mentioned in [FE8] Essential Fixes patch

To replicate the bug:

  1. A character’s current HP must be over 60 (probably 64 specifically?).

  2. When you finish chapter 1 and reach the world map, save, and close the ROM entirely. Opening up the same save will cause the bug to occur.

I don’t know if this same issue is in FE7.

Does it occur if the HP is a value from 61-63?

To confirm, no. Once a unit’s HP hits 64 it’ll cause the bug to occur.

EDIT: Makes me wonder if this same issue pops up when any stat is 64 or greater.

It’s probably that the Hp is saved in the save data only in 6 bits. So you physically can’t store values above 63. We’d need a save hack for this. Which I’ll make for FE8. Which this is tagged with. So I guess wait for that.

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