[FE8] Hardcoded music values

Brendor found that 0xC6DD4 is the byte that determines the Intro movie music (default is 0x1), and from that I was able to find a few more hardcoded songs:

0xC6434 - Title screen music (when the intro movie is skipped), default is 0x43

0xC5C9C - Title screen music (when intro is not skipped), default is 0x2

0xC4A0C - Prologue “Long ago…” intro music, default is 0x3

0x837B8 - Game Over, default is 0x3E

0x83628 - Unit died, default is 0x3F


I remember that editing this was important to get rid of the whole “Long ago” section, but I can’t really find the topic where this was explained… sigh. Do you remember how it was called?

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Thanks! I couldn’t find it due to the “FE7” in the title, haha.

Wow, so apparently I can change the titles of other people’s posts? Anyway I fixed that too lol